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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Susan G Komen West Michigan Wants to Remind You October is Breat Cancer Awareness Month

It's seems that the message comes over and over and in ever increasing ways to try and grab your attention.  Should you phone your friend on a day of the month to remind her to check for lumps?  Do you need to "Go Pink" for an occasion or two a year to make your statement?  Does "Save the Ta Ta's" get the point across?  Hey....from our point of view....whatever it takes to make sure that breast cancer is caught quick and dispatched even quicker.  Be done with it and get it gone!

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The reminders are important though...after all, life is so busy and there's not a person on earth who doesn't have the "well, that can't happen to me" attitude.  Problem can happen to you, and probably will at some point...and this applies to both men and women when it comes to breast cancer.  It's a killer that makes no distinction of gender, race, economic status, preference, creed or placement in life.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month nationally and locally of course, our chapter of Susan G Komen wants to remind you how important early detection is.  How vital mammograms are.  How important you are to your friends and family?  You can Stand Up for the Cure.  You can Watch Us Go Pink, Ride for the Cure, Race for the Cure and any other event put together,it's all an awesome endeavor.  But, what if we took a moment at the beginning of the month to not only meet a participant, but a survivor of breast cancer who's agreed to come on and share.

I was given Shawn Taylor's name by Jennifer Jurgens at a recent event and Shawn was kind enough to give me a couple minutes to talk about her journey, from discovery to treatment and her future.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It' takes just minutes. It also takes some patience...self awareness and in some might take a gentle reminder from a friend to stop and make sure there's nothing going on inside.  I have heard that a mammogram is less than a pleasant experience...I'll take their word for it.  Trust have plenty of equally icky examinations they have to endure....but the importance of a woman...and the ability to discover a problem early and take action...well, it's paramount.  We need more mom's, sisters, aunts and grandma's around here.  Make a pledge to check yourselves every month girls!  You are a treasure and we don't want to go on without ya!

My many thanks to Shawn Taylor for taking the time to discuss her you know what has to be done.

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