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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Bling Thing - Friends of the Hackley Library Benefit Feb 10th and 11th at Barclay Place Events Center


The annual call comes in and it's almost as exciting as any holiday, visit from an old friend or hearing from someone you admire so much because they give more than they take and their heart is in such a good spot. 

 Doing what I do for a living, well...yes, it's driven by purpose and in that you get to find the purpose of what makes many others lives complete and that is a gift that not many get to experience.  

When the phone rings and I hear "Klingenmaier Here" it's time for the Bling Thing.

Barb Klingenmaier is a member of the Friends of the Hackley Public Library and they work to help fund the programs the library puts on for adults and kids to help foster literacy and engagement with the historic spot in Downtown Muskegon.  They are a group steeped in tradition and pride in all things Hackley Library and they tend to the Bling Thing event as well as the used book sale and other ways to reach the annual goal of $20,000 to help aid the programs that happen.  They are also some of the hardest workers in preserving the amazing history of our treasured block that is "all things Hackley" with the park right across the street from the library sharing the moniker as well as the archives in the Torrent House across the street, which by the way... the Friends of the Hackley Public Library mobilized to save from the wrecking ball a few years ago.  Imagine that space a parking lot now?  It would be an insult to our Downtown.

Barb's passion is infectious and her deep caring is gold.  Sure we shot our interview giving you the who, what, where and why of this years Bling Thing coming up at Barclay Place Events Center on February 10th and 11th.  You'll find all the amazing jewelry at either the Friday night "advance" opening where with $15 donation will also get you plenty of delicious chocolate and tasty wine and then Saturday the event opens up to those who are looking to support the cause and shop away up until the 'big discounts" come toward the end.  After we filmed though, Barb made sure to stop and ask all about me...wanted to know how I was, made sure that things were ok and showed the deep level of care she puts into just about everything and everyone she touches.  To know Barb is a true treasure and to have her here in our community....well, she's an asset not many other towns are lucky to have.  

Come one, come all to the Bling Thing Friday Feb 10th and Saturday the 11th. The Barclay Place Events Center is just off Sherman in Muskegon, and it's a stunning facility. We actually filmed while the Bridal Expo was gearing up so you can get a peek of the facility while you hear the details.  There's something for everyone and you can even find some amazing estate jewelry that is as timeless as it gets.  Enjoy the surroundings, enjoy the company and enjoy the purpose that the Friends of the Hackley Public Library work so hard to preserve this coming weekend!