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Friday, April 23, 2021

The Muskegon Ambucs Gift Mobility to All

Every now and again you see it.  Something that gives a kid a set of challenges that no little one should have to face.  Developmental disabilities that limit balance, motion, muscle strength, cognitive ability or more.  You sit there and wonder how in the world could someone be so hard pressed not only to grow up and try and fit in in a world where the competition is to be as perfect as you can with all the right clothes, cool words, ability to run, jump and play and all that but still you see that day after day it's a true challenge and the frustration around all of their circle is very real.  

This struggle isn't limited to just kids either.  If you've ever been in a mobility device you know first hand just how difficult it is to be 3 feet below the conversation that's going on and how very limiting a traditional chair can be.  Well, today, we were invited out to meet a group who gives the gift of mobility to people of all ages and have been going strong since 1919.  The Ambucs is a group founded by William L White and since the founding in 1919 the Ambucs have grown to over 50 chapters in 30 states, all run by grass roots volunteers whos goal is to give just a little something back to help those who need a hand with mobility. 

Muskegon has a chapter as does Walker and today they were fitting bikes for some of the littler ones, but there was a special occasion happening too and that's what we were invited out for.  Laurie Beltren Del Rio served in the Army reserve and a few years ago was horribly injured in an auto accident.  Since then Laurie has been through a myriad of different treatments including spinal stimulators which are very helpful, however some of the neck injuries she received make it impossible for her to ride a normal bike.  Well, as it so often goes a friend of a friend recommend she make some contact with the local Ambucs to see if they could help and today was the day.

Lee Kleinhekxel and Cathie Gagnon are with the Ambucs and they took a few minutes to explain the organization and what goes into making these dreams come true.  We'll get a little look at some of the kids and their bikes and we'll meet Laurie too who's new found mobility is a life changer.  Take a listen.

A pretty amazing group and they do this about twice a year.  They could use a hand with membership. follow the link below and learn more about the Ambucs locally and how you can be a part of such a tremendous organization that gives so much to so many.