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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Service 1 Federal Credit Union Helping Kids Food Basket of Muskegon

We've featured Kids Food Basket know, the organization that makes sure 900 kids in Muskegon go home every day with a sack supper who would otherwise go home to a house with not enough to eat.  It's a hard reality that poverty has gotten to that point...and that parents have to work different shifts...different hours....2 or three jobs and barley enough to get by with that.  It's hard...but it's real...and we're a community not to let our kids go without.

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Kids Food Basket serves 900 sack meals every day in Muskegon.  Kids are provided with a protein , fresh fruit, fresh vegetable and a healthy snack and in every meal.  Scores of volunteers meet daily and assemble the meals and then drivers head out all over in time to make sure as kids get on the bus...they have dinner in hand and won't have to go to bed hungry....and starving a developing mind.

It's a huge task and it takes a community to make a program like Kids Food Basket work.  Donations are always accepted.   Items like smooth peanut butter, juice boxes and more are in high demand. Of course...the logistics of getting all of these meals into the hands of those who need them take some effort too....and some money.

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Service 1 Federal Credit Union is using their position in the "Love My Credit Union" campaign to showcase the work done at Kids Food Basket and hopefully....with your help, they will be the top vote getter in a competition of some very worthy causes among different credit unions.

I was able to stop into Kids Food Basket and catch up with Steph Kerr-Cathey who's the Fund Development Specialist for KFB as well as Natalie Parsons from Service 1 FCU to talk about the program and the incredible outreach that Service 1 Federal Credit Union has in Muskegon.  Take a listen to our interview below.

It's essential that we make sure that future generations get their basic needs met.  Believe it or not, there are kids who go home hungry every night and won't get to eat until they get to breakfast at school the next morning.  It's a heartbreaking reality...but there is strength in numbers so together, we can work to put an end to childhood hunger and show our kids a better way of taking care of friends, neighbors and those in need.  Click on the photo below and vote.  Share this story...get involved...heck, buy one extra box of baggies at the store a week or an extra jar of smooth peanut butter and share it.  We have a responsibility to leave our community better than we found it....and a generation to show that they are cared for.  Do your part.

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