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Friday, May 21, 2021

Relay for Life 2021 June 5th - Kasey Rose


As the restrictions start to come up a little and we start to feel a little sense of "normal" those that have turned everything in to "virtual" events compared to what was known in the past over the course of the pandemic are really filled with excitement that their missions can get back under way.  It's not just because the too felt stuck and out of control like most everyone else did, their involvement with these causes is deeply seeded and they do them for purpose, not profit.

Such is the case with Kasey Rose who's been a part of the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society for quite some time now. Cancer has effected Kasey like it has so many of us over the years going back to when she was young and lost a grandparent to a form of cancer that today, when caught early enough is fairly easy to treat.  From there, a continuation of loss up to recently when her friend Stephanie lost her fight at a really young age.  Kasey has been motivated by wanting to do something, anything so that no one has to endure what she did and spearheading the Muskegon Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society has been an big part of just that.   

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Last year, like almost anything, Relay had to work on adaptation to help with the cause.  It was a virtual event where people participated on their own to do their part and as far as virtual events go, some help was there.  This year, like anything else, plans change quick and things are on the move to opening up again so as events and festivals try to figure out what's to come, Relay had to do just that and even though the big 24 hour walk couldn't come together due to the lack of ability to plan ahead, a couple of really awesome events are happening on June 5th that will be safe, beautiful and a great way to remember and pay tribute to those who have fought and those who survive cancer.

Early on in the day, Mona Shores HS will hold a Survivor Parade from 1-3 where survivors can come through to be acknowledged and receive a little gift.  Then, in the evening things move down to the beautiful Hackley Park where a luminaria display will be held from 9:30-11:30 and the park will be lit up in remembrance.  It should be a beautiful night of remembering, maybe a few tears and hopefully a little hope and laughter too as we do what we do best in Muskegon and that's come together.

Speaking of coming together, Kasey and I did just that at Hackley Park today to talk about this years event which is a step back toward 100% normal, and she assures me that by next Summer, it will be, so take a listen to out chat and learn more about how you can participate.   

Kasey is an amazing organizer and strong advocate for those who fight and those who have gone on.  Her passion is in awareness, advocacy and prevention through the American Cancer Society and while the 24 hour marathon isn't quite ready for 2021, you can bet they will squeeze all they can out of it and in 2022....we'll be right back at Kasey's side again to help spread the word.