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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Behind the Mask - A Masquerade at the Frauenthal Center to Benefit The Hope Project November 5th

A masquerade ball?  Fun huh?  Just enough mystery to feel like a costume party...but enough familiarity so you don't get creeped out by that one guy in the old man costume.  (You know he's at every party)

Now...what if the masquerade ball was held in order to benefit The Hope Project?  Sounds like a great time huh?

 Keep on reading then my friend!

Sponsor Message

The Hope Project is the beneficiary and the Women's Life Chapter 907: The Freedom Warriors are behind this great event designed for those 18 and older.  There will be information provided about human trafficking.  There is a LOT to learn about this very real and very local problem.  It's not one of those issues reserved for "the big city" and those who purvey human trafficking don't really care where their people come from.  It's modern day slavery....and it's here.

You'll find a brief discussion of the issue... you'll also find a silent auction going on, a DJ keeping the party going and plenty of door prizes.  It's a nominal fee to get in and it will include Hors d'oeuvres, soft drinks and dessert provided and a cash bar if you choose.  It's a formal get the shoes shined up...knock the dust off the tux if you have one and come out to the Frauenthal November 5th.

Sponsor Message

I was invited by Sarah De La Rosa of Mediation and Restorative Services in Muskegon and Sarah Klassen who is the Chapeter President of Women's Life Chapter 907 to talk about this amazing event and find out a few more details.  You can take a listen to our conversation below.

It's so hard to believe that of all things that go on here in town....human trafficking has to be in the mix.  It's not only important to discuss matters like this, it's important to help those on the front lines in the battle out.  If it takes a be it.  It's up to us to acknowledge problems here and do what we can to fight them.  If you'd like to get tickets to the masquerade ball... click on the image below!

Get Tickets to the Ball!

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