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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet Rory Rought - Candidate for Sheriff In Muskegon County

We're doing what we can to give you a chance to meet candidates for office this year in Muskegon.  There is an extended invite to people running to take a few minutes and come in to talk about why they seek office and what they will bring to the job should they be elected.  Are we worrying about covering campaigns like everyone else?  Nope, not even for a second.  But, to know who you're voting for outside of a couple of sound bytes or quotes in the paper....that's a pretty good idea.

Follow the Rought Campaign on Facebook

Rory Rought is a Police Officer in Muskegon Heights and has been for 16 years.  His focus should he be elected Sheriff are protecting children, making use of the brand new jail to hold violent offenders but get the non violent ones out on the streets doing community clean up.  He's also got an eye on changing some "mis-management" problems as well as empowering community policing.  You should know the officers who are working to keep your area safe.

In Rory's spare time, he's an avid hunter and fisherman.  Loves to spend time in the great outdoors with his family and he's also the founder of Northern Michigan Outfitters and takes people from all over the country on guided bear hunts in the Upper Peninsula.  If all of that isn't enough, he's even got his own show on The Hunting Channel!

Rory took a couple minutes to come in and introduce himself to the Positively Muskegon readers, take a minute to hear why he thinks he's the right choice for Sheriff in 2016.

It's a big year for elections in Muskegon.  The candidates for Sheriff have all been outstanding so far and as the election gets closer, the resounding message is...get out and vote, no matter who you vote for.  Our thanks to Rory Rought for taking a few minutes of his time to stop by and talk about his campaign and how he'll make a difference if you elect him.

The Rory Rought Campaign Online

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Sandy Corley Memorial Run Marks 28 Years in 2016

To think that an event, born of the tragic loss of the founder of Sandy's Harley-Davidson to cancer has gone on, grown and become on of the leading events in Muskegon to draw people in to town...and while they are at it, put over a million dollars into the Sandy Corley Memorial Fund at the Johnson Center for Cancer Care...well, its a truly remarkable event and best part.....it's a hell of a good time!
The Sandy Corley Memorial Run is June 9th-11th at the Double JJ Resort.

28th Sandy Corley Run Event on Facebook

Thousands will come for the concert, the camping, the atmosphere and of course....the ride!!  This years entertainment will include a great mix of new rock, classic rock and some pretty rockin' cover bands!  The now world famous auction will be held and it will all conclude after the concerts on Saturday night a spectacular fireworks show to wrap it all up.

The inception of the Sandy Corley memorial run was an idea by Barb Vanboglen, a back yard party and a ride to remember the guy who meant so much to so many.  Today, it's one of the most anticipated events in Muskegon as well as the entire state when it comes to bikers.  I was able to catch Rick Corley at the dealership up in Fremont to talk a little about this years event, years past and the future.  Take a listen to the interview below.

It's a big event, it's a great cause and it's a chance to be a part of something that's not only good for Muskegon....it's good for the health and well being of those afflicted with cancer to find the proper treatment, close to home.  We wish the Corely Family the very best and our thanks to the Fremont HOG Chapter for making this event such an incredible endeavor!

Sandy Corley Memorial Run Online

Saturday, May 28, 2016

North Muskegon Welcomes Byte Club Gaming

I unfortunately was too dumb for most video games that came after the Atari 2600.  I currently have a Wii because everyone "had to have one" when they first came out and they made quite a splash.  Now, we might play it twice a year, but, just because video games kind of passed me by, doesn't mean there isn't a market for it.  A really BIG market too!  Well, Technology Bytes of North Muskegon is all about the coolest games, be it video or board games and they are out to connect the community a little better thru gaming.

Byte Club Gaming Event on Facebook
Technology Bytes is the brain child of Brenda Durga and her husband Richie Durga and they have been working a while on a new location so they could expand their services and offer a space for people who enjoy the spirit of competition in games and the way games connect us.  So often we sit behind a screen, maybe an avatar or a fake name and see the world thru only that.  Technology Bytes is all for being behind a screen, but why not do it among others who enjoy the same thing and an atmosphere that is safe and fun!  Doesn't stop there, they take bookings for private parties, they have a few custom made products they offer and more!  A growing business in Muskegon?  We LOVE that kind of story.

I had a chance to catch Brenda Durga at the new shop, right next to the 750 Grill on Whitehall Road in Muskegon to learn a little more and hear about the big grand opening Friday June 3rd!  Take a listen to the interview below!

To learn more about Technology Bytes, you can click on their link below!  Thanks to Richie and Brenda for offering people to connect, game and have fun.  When they host Atari night....I might come too!  :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Wings Of Mercy Care Affaire Celebrates 20 Years In Muskegon June 4th

Imagine the diagnosis is something that will require you to travel long distances, probably on a somewhat frequent basis so you can get adequate treatment and get on with your life.  Now, imagine the daunting task of not only having to fight what ails you, but you have to pay for transportation to and from the medical facility.  It's an overwhelming task for anyone facing a disease and the financial impact can ruin a family.

You don't have to look far though, help is right here.

Wings of Mercy Online
West Michigan is home to Wings of Mercy.  An organization of pilots who donate their time and service to those in need to help them get to places like The Mayo Clinic, or Duke University or other medical centers around the country with advanced treatment options for people who suffer illness.

2106 marks 20 years that Muskegon has come together with Wings of Mercy for the Care Affaire.  June 4th at Executive Air adjacent to the Muskegon County Airport!  The event has grown over the years.  There will be the Lions Club pancake breakfast of course....there is a 5k run you can register for and participate in, a car show, some pretty awesome airplanes on display and of course some of the remarkable hero's who carry those in need on their wings every day.

Grace Spelde gave me a shout last week and asked if we had a few minutes to talk about this years event.  With the work they do for so many, how could we possibly say no?  Take a listen to our chat below!

Everything gets underway June 4th at Executive Air in Muskgon.  The Lions Club Pancake Breakfast kicks everything off in the morning, so, bring the kids out and have a good time seeing some awesome planes....cool cars and some real life hero's who make a difference every day.

Find Wings Of Mercy On Facebook

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A2Z Service Center - 10 Years of Saying Thanks to Customers With a Car Show An Bar-B-Que!

Upon first impression, Bill Sliva doesn't really come across as the soft type!  He likes big trucks, fast cars, getting grease under his nails and his gruff and gravely voice could be a movie characters.  But underneath it all, Bill has one of the most highly polished hearts of gold you will find anywhere in Muskegon or on this planet for that matter.

Every year, Bill thanks his customers and community for their business with a car show and BBQ on Broadway in Muskegon Heights June 4th.

Bill Sliva

A2Z Service Center is busy!  There are those in town that will not take their car anywhere else.  I'm not just talking about any old car either....Porsche, Cadillac's, Beemers....and just plain old All American cars and trucks wrap around the shop day after day all waiting for their chance to be take care of.  Oil changes to overhauls, Bill and his staff have THE reputation for quality, precision and above all honesty!  Bill goes above an beyond to make sure that his customers get great value as well as extraordinary service no matter what they drive!

I stopped in to see Bill and talk about the BBQ and car show.  I also wanted to know just how he approaches customer service and how the loyalty he's built in his business is almost unmatched.  Have a listen to the chat below!

If you'd like to see how it's sposed to be done when it comes to car repair....stop in to A2Z.  Even the waiting room has a style all it's own and once you see the integrity of the work and the people who work there, you'll be back for more.  Our thanks to Bill for taking the time out today to talk for a few minutes.  The Party is June 4th and the Facebook Event Page is linked below! You can catch some live music by Refurbished and in between sets, Stormy Weathers who founded Skeetown Stereo will keep things hopping with great tunes at the party.  Stop out and give Bill a pat on the back for making Muskegon such a great place!

The Muskegon County Senior Millage Vote August 2nd

I'm 46.  It's hard to believe that my parents are getting to that age where I really have to start thinking about their "elder years.  They were once so strong, almost invincible but now...they are starting to show a little more grey hair...not quite as strong as they used to be.  They are still both is good health and free of any real problems so far.  I tease them a lot with this picture about how I am going to help their retirement along.

Of course, it's fun to kid parents about their latter years, we're that kind of family, but, as time goes on, our aging population is going to need more and more care.  Those who took care of us are going to need the favor returned and in Muskegon County it's high time we passed a millage.  71 of 83 counties in Michigan have passed a millage to aid seniors in their community.  Believe it or not, the total cost to people who own a $100,000 home would be 6 cents a day.

What would the millage cover?  Programs like in home nutrition, personal care, wellness programs, medical and non medical transportation, home repair services and more.

Lisa Tyler Senior Resources of West Michigan stopped by this morning to talk about the impact this important millage will have on Muskegon County for years to come.  Take a minute to listen to our chat and learn a little more.

Our parents were there for us.  Times have changed, that for sure, but when this millage passes it will make covering the cost and sustainability of these programs possible for years to come.  I know it seems like every time you turn around someone else is asking for a yes vote on a millage or something, but we're in debt on this one...we owe it to the generation that cam before us to make sure as they age, their needs are met.  That's what makes a community like Muskegon so great!

You can click on the image below to visit the official website of the Muskegon Senior Millage.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Mercy Health Seaway Run and Expo in Muskegon June 25th

The other day, I posted a video shot by Eagle Eye Photography of an event down at Pere Marquette of an activity that people were running in and there were more than a few comments from people that "they had no idea an event like this was even happening!"  Really?

We'set out to make sure that local folks, and those who might travel in to visit know that Muskegon is alive and well and has plenty of activities for everyone.  So, let's get the word out about the Mercy Health Seaway Run June 25th!

Mercy Health Seaway Run Online
35 years strong, the Mercy Health Seaway run has been challenging fitness freaks for a while now...the scenic views of Muskegon....the rush of the run and of course, our chance to put out best foot forward as visitors come in from far and wide to participate!  The offer the chance to run, or walk the Half Marathon, the 15k, the 5k, the Fun Run or the Seaway Run Community Fun Walk.

 Participation can be you striving for your best or maybe just a chance to be a part of the event, supporting the great activities here in Muskegon.  You might just even like to be along the route to cheer on the runners, or walkers!

Joe Doyle has been with the Mercy Health Seaway Run since 2012.  Joe stopped in today to talk a little about the run, the events surrounding it and his passion to make great things happen in Muskegon.  Take a listen to our chat below!!

To get in on the fun, you can click on the image below and that will take you directly to the Mercy Health Seaway Run Registration page!  We hope for a great event as well as plenty of new faces coming to Muskegon!  You are welcome here and we're glad you're coming!

Registration for the Mercy Health Seaway Run

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Michigan Marines Come to Muskegon June 2nd-5th

It's not an invasion!  It's a great honor to welcome the Michigan Marine Corps League's 76th Annual Department Convention to the Holidau Inn Muskegon Harbor June 2nd -5th.

From the Marine Corps League Website - "The Marine Corps League was established in June of 1923 at a reunion in New York of Marines who had served in the 1st World War.  The league was chartered by an act of congress on August 4th 1937.

Michigan Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League was authorized to assist and aid in presenting claims before the Veterans Administration by public law #243 passed by the 74th Congress of the United States of America.

Sure, there will be plenty of meetings but I think too you'll find that the real story is the group themselves.  The Marines are often the first on the scene when it comes to combat and their bravery and commitment to this country is unmatched.  

Not long ago, I was contacted by Scott Hellman who's wife won a contest on Positively Muskegon about maybe coming in to talk a little about the convention and the work that gets done by the Marine Corps League here in Michigan and around the country.  Take a listen to our chat below.

In my humble opinion, to have a convention like this in Muskegon is a great honor.  To welcome guests in from all over the state who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom is an honor for any city and to think that June 2nd-5th we get to share the beauty and fun of Muskegon with true American Hero's is a big deal.  If you see anyone in town that looks like they are here for the convention, take a minute to welcome them.  If you are coming in for the convention, we are appreciative of you and hope your time here in Muskegon will bring you back again and again.  Our humble thanks to all of the United Stated Marines that will be here in early June!

National Marine Corps League

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Muskegon Area First - Introducing the Business Resource Team

Muskegon?  Is it a good place to do business?  I sure think so and it would seem that a lot of others do too, however....where do you find the knowledge, resources and networking that with some patience and a little elbow grease should lead you to success?  Well, there are all kinds of resources for that, but what if they could all be tied together in one powerful and helpful package, done by professionals who's specialty is helping YOU connect?

There's help for that kind of thing!

Visit MAF Online

Muskegon Area First describes themselves on their website as a county wide economic development cooperation focused on leveraging public and private investment to accelerate business growth and the development of high quality employment opportunities in Muskegon County.    They are introducing the Business Resource Team who will collectively work together to help find you things like employee training and funding sources, recruiting job candidates, business expansion resources, exporting resources, entrepreneurial resources and more!  You'll meet, they will listen and get to work on making you successful so you in turn can build, expand and grow!!

They have gotten together along with The Michigan Economic Development Corporation to present a seminar happening June 7th at Verdoni's Event Center on Seminole Road in Norton Shores.  They will have partnering agencies there.  There will be some light refreshment and a chance for you to hear from Muskegon BRT Partners, and more importantly, network with them to see what resources you could use to help better your situation!  The event is free of charge, but does have some limited seating.  I had a chance to meet up with Ed Garner at the Muskegon Area First office to talk about the event and learn a little more.  Take a listen!

If it sounds like Muskegon wants you to succeed, you would be correct.  The first step is always the idea, but the implementation of the idea is where Muskegon Area First comes in and with their new BRT you will be sure to have people behind you who want to see your success add to the greatness of everything here in Muskegon.  If you'd like a reservation to the breakfast seminar on June 7th, click on the logo below and join in!  Muskegon is a better place because of YOU!

Reserve Your Spot for June 7th

Friday, May 20, 2016

Concerts in Muskegon? We Do That! Rodney Atkins at the LC Walker Arena August 5th

"Muskegon never has anything to do."  Ya, whatever.

One thing that I have been asked over and over and over is why doesn't Muskegon get more concerts?  Hey, trust me...I spent YEARS driving out here to see every show I could.  I can't even tell you how many shows I have seen at the LC Walker Arena, Heritage Landing, Val Du Lakes, On Broadway....the list goes on and on.  Grand Rapids built the VanAndel....and all of the sudden....it got harder.

Well, that's not 100% the reason things are not as booming concert wise as they once were....but there are those out there who WILL NOT GIVE UP just like me.

ELQ Entertainment is run by Erik Quintero and through a series of meetings with the LC Walker Arena made the first, and hopefully the first of many deals to bring concerts back to life in Muskegon and put the LC Walker Arena Back on the map for touring artists!

Up first - Muskegon is excited to welcome Rodney Atkins to the LC Walker Arena August 5th!  Top new male vocalist from the ACM awards, 6 number 1 hits to his credit too!

Tickets go on sale June 1st.  Here's the best part.  TICKETS ARE $15 BUCKS IN ADVANCE AND $20 THE DAY OF THE SHOW!

You got the artist, you got the price and now, let's get the details from ELQ President Erik Quintero about what it's taking to reboot the Muskegon concert scene.  Check out the video below!

Time to get out and party Muskegon!  You wanted affordable tickets, headlining acts and a renewed spark to get more going on at the LC Walker Arena and Downtown Muskegon.  Let's go!  Get some tickets and help prime the well to keep great entertainment coming to town.  In the mean time, here's a few videos from Rodney Atkins to get you in the mood! CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event Link

Rodney Atkins - LC Walker Arena August 5th!

Have Some Fun and a Donut! Ryke's Bakery is Out to Benefit The Salvation Army

Think back to World War 1.  Ok, maybe you can't think back that far but, imagine what it must have been like to be that far away from home.  A war going on, you're in some foreign land and nothing is "normal".  Well, there's more to the story of course.

During WW1, the Salvation Army had a brigade of young women they sent to the front line with the soldiers. They were there to cook meals, mend uniforms, help the soldiers write letters to send home, and offer spiritual guidance. They soon noticed these young guys were extremely homesick. So they raided the px, and began making donuts to offer a comfort of home. The first thing they fried them in was a helmet, the first cutter they had fashioned from a shaving cream can. 

The donuts took off - the ladies became known as "donut lassies" and the "dough boys" came home with a love for the confections.  During the great depression, Chicago started making the donuts stateside and sold them on street corners as a way to raise funds for their pantry - National Donut day is celebrated the 1st Friday in June.  

Ryke's Donut Day Event on Facebook

For 6 years now, Ryke's Bakery of Muskegon has celebrated National Donut Day on the First Friday in June.  The event was the brainchild of Renee Rowhurst who got her hands on the original recipe of the donuts served to those troops back then, and Friday June 3rd you can get one for yourself for a donation to the Salvation Army of Muskegon.

The sale goes from 6:30am-5:30pm and as mentioned, make a donation to the Salvation Army....and you get to taste the remake of something so important, to so many!

I had a chance to talk with Kim Wells and Paula Kule at Rykes's to learn more about this fun way to raise a few bucks.  Take a listen below!

You want unique?  You got it right here in Muskegon.  Ryke's is basically a community treasure.  The name alone evokes the best cake you ever had, a friendly staff, longevity and deep roots planted right here in Muskegon.  To know they set aside a day to give you a little culinary history as well as doing a good turn for the Salvation Army....it's a win for everyone!  Make sure you stop in June 3rd and bring the kids!  Here's a link to Ryke's Bakery.  Tell them thanks for being such a steward of the community!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Relay For Life Muskegon June 3-4. 24 Hours of Hope!

If you don't know someone who's been touched by cancer....you were probably born yesterday.  To think that in 2016 we somehow can't find a cure to things like cancer?  I am sure it an ever evolving and mutating thing, but come on....the best we can do is treat it?  Well, ok....we'll roll up the sleeves and do just that.....and we'll win!

Getting to be about that time again.  The Spring season is in full swing and people are dusting off their sneakers for some walking to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Follow Relay For Life Muskegon on Facebook!
Relay for Life Muskegon will be taking place at Mona Shores Track and Field from 2pm June 3rd till 2pm June 4th.  24 hours of hitting the pavement to raise a few buck to help the American Cancer Society provide the work they do.

Is it just walking?  No, not really.  They have a lot of fun and exciting "side events" going on to accompany the walk.  There will be a silent auction, a survivor ceremony, luminaries launched and more!  Some games to accompany the event as well.  I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Kasey Spofford this morning to talk a little about the event and how you can help, or maybe....participate! Take a listen to our chat below!

Hey, it's a big deal to do your part!  Pitch in!  If you 're not all about fighting cancer, that's ok, there's gotta be something you're passionate about?  Right?  Just like Kasey and her friends here are going to complete this walk to benefit the American Cancer Society, you can make things happen too!  If you are passionate about fighting cancer like Kasey and her friends here....come on out June 3rd and 4th!

Relay For Life Muskegon Online

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MOCAP of Muskegon - Helping People Help Themselves and Each Other

What do you know about MOCAP?  It's really a cool acronym for Muskegon Oceana Community Action Partnership and the mission is simple.  They help people find the resources they need when it comes to housing, medical and food assistance.  They work tirelessly to help keep people in the area in their home, fed and taken care of the best they can while also providing training for them so hopefully, they can avoid the pitfalls of life.
MOCAP on Facebook

People come up on emergency situations and MOCAP is there to help them.  From the Michigan Energy Assistance Program, to Community Service Block Grants, emergency food and shelter, and more.  MOCAP is a non profit working to make life better for our area and empowering individuals to live independently.  They do remarkable work.

"MOCAP is one of 29 Community Action Partnerships in the state of MI.

Since their inception as part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, CAPs have helped low-income Americans escape poverty and achieve economic security. Through programs such as housing, food banks, energy assistance, and financial education, CAPs tailor their services to meet the needs of the individuals and communities they serve. They put a human face on poverty, advocate for those who don’t have a voice, and provide opportunities."

They would like to get to know you a little better!  MOCAP is hosting a community block party at their location June 4th!  There will be lots of things to do and see and even more importantly, learn about and see if you can use a hand, or maybe you can lend a hand to help their work.  Either way, get to know MOCAP because you might never know if you or someone could benefit from their help someday!  I had a chance to talk to Todd Rasmussen and Lakisha Churchwell about the work at MOCAP and the party coming up.  Take a listen to the video below!

Great people doing great things to make sure no one is left behind in Muskegon.  We have a network of people in town who give freely of time and talent to make sure everyone can call Muskegon home and know that their friends and neighbors are behind them!  That's community building!

Visit MOCAP Online

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Music For Meds To Benefit Mission for Area People May 21st in Muskegon

Mission for Area People has a very simple mission.  From their website "Mission for Area People is a faith based organization providing Muskegon County residents with resources to meet basic needs, promote self sufficiency and improve quality of life"

Seems simple right?

Follow MAP on Facebook

The reality of it is Mission for Area People 12,000 volunteers provide over 25,000 hours for MAP programs and over 50 churches participate in the programs as well.  That tells me that no one in Muskegon that needs a had should every have to go without, all someone has to do is ask.  You can find the Healthy Choice Food Pantry, rental assistance, emergency medical and dental help, back to school help and more.  Of course, all of this takes some money to make happen.  So, let's get on to the benefit part!

A great time will be had at the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor this Saturday May 21st.  For those still wondering where Spring is, The West Side Soul Surfers will be on hand to entertain the crowd!  You'll find Nick Tong's Miphoto Booth, an auction, delicious appetizers from the Holiday Inn and of course, your friends and neighbors all coming together to raise some money to help pay for the emergency medical and dental fund.  You can do a good turn for a stranger and have a great time doing it!

Mission for Area People Online

I had a chance to catch up with Diana Stubbs who's the Executive Director of Mission for Area People to talk about the annual event and get updated on what's going on at MAP since we last talked in February.  Have a listen to the chat below!

Every day, great people are doing great things.  They do it for people they may never meet or get a thank you from, bu they do it for the right reasons.  Muskegon is incredible at finding ways to take care of our own.  If you're looking for a great time, for a great cause, head down to the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor this weekend and be a part of the Music For Meds party!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mona Shores Ross Park 5th Annual Walk-A-Thon and Nature Trail Dedication May 20th

If you are one of those who believe physical fitness and a happy community go hand in hand...you are going to want to find your way to Ross Park on May 20th as they are set to kick off their 5th annual walk-a-thon and dedicate a nature trail that has been in the works for quite some time!
Visit the Ross Park PTO online

The nature trail was built by from the proceeds from last year walk-a-thon and a nice ribbon cutting ceremony is planned to dedicate the new trail!  I saw on the RSVP list that Norton Shores Mayor Gary Nelund will be on hand as will be those who have put their time and talent in to making it happen!  Think about this...all this is from a fundraiser!

People out walking, taking pledges and neighborhoods coming together to accomplish a goal!  Working together foe the greater good and to leave things a little better than they found them.  That to me...is Positively Muskegon!  A much better fundraiser than selling whatever kids sell at school now a days!

I had Marisol Linstrom get a hold of me from the Ross Park PTA to tell me about the event and I invited her to spend a few minutes with me talking about the event and how you can help!  There are a handful of volunteers needed, so if this story inspires you.....pitch in!  Take a listen below.

Great things happening and pride in community is what you'll find in Norton Shores!  Head out to Ross Park on the 20th and see the dedication and ribbon cutting.  A walk won't kill you either.  Our thanks to Marisol for getting with Positively Muskegon to tell the story.  For more information, click on the event logo below!!  GO SAILORS!