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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lakeside Emporium Takes the LEAP to New Levels With the LEAF Celebration

Lakeside Emporium is a great sponsor of the Positively Muskegon Blog as well as a great place in Lakeside in Muskegon to visit and bring your friends to visit!  It's a place of timeless memories...a preserved innocence and a feeling that hearkens back to yesteryear when the small local candy shop was a serious treat and an overly stimulating experience of wonder and joy.  They have honestly frozen time when you visit their store.

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In my humble opinion as well, they have become an anchor in the neighborhood.  Lakeside is filled with remarkable shopping experiences and entertainment.  Great neighborhood bars....interesting artisan shops....great food and an easy going atmosphere resonate all through the neighborhood.  It's also the area people first see that arrive on the Lake Express.  Lakeside is going to be growing too.  With the new construction planned at the Sappi site Windward Pointe it's only going to grow!

What makes Lakeside Emporium such an asset?  Customer service...dedication to the entire experience in the store, home made goodness and finding ways to engage the community with fun events.  Their LEAP (Lakeside Emporium Anniversary Party) is a huge hit every Spring and this year....they are trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice with the LEAF party.  (See how that's a lot like LEAP but with an F at the end?)  Clever Huh?  LEAF stands for Lakeside Emporium Autumn Fest!

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What will you find?  A parade....with a purpose.  To collect some non perishables for the area food pantries.  The groups marching will also be on the look out for warm clothing, mittens, scarves, hats etc to help keep people warm this winter.

At the conclusion of the parade, the parking lot of Lakeside Emporium becomes the stage for some of the performers and inside the shop....I am sure you'll find a treat or two to reward yourself for doing a good deed with a canned good donation or clothing donation.

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Gary and Laureen Samples are the "Purveyors of All Things Pleasant" at Lakeside Emporium and they invited me down to share the spirit of the event and share some details with you.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Did we mention all this is happening on Sweetest Day?  Yep...they even came up with that angle on purpose so you can do something sweet for someone who could use a hand....entertain a date with a nice parade followed up by a sweet treat for yourself at the candy shop!  You'll be glad you did!

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