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Friday, October 30, 2020

The Salvation Army of Muskegon Gearing up for 2020's Holiday Season


It's just about time for the the final stretch of what could be considered the most unforgettable year of most of our lives, 2020.  Most, I think would be in agreement that moving on and getting done with it is exactly what the Dr. ordered but as we work toward that finish line and maybe glance back at what was a little, we just can't forget a few things and most of all that there are still friends, neighbors and family who are struggling and there are places still needing a hand in helping.

One of those places for sure, is the Salvation Army of Muskegon.  As charitable work has intensified across all areas of our community it's really quite easy to think that "someone's got that" but the reality is, it's still all hands on deck and the need is still very real for things among members of our community who you may never imagine are food insecure, working multiple jobs to keep up, relying on food banks and pantries to feed their kids and more.  It's still a very harsh reality as we try to close out the year and with the uptick in the virus, it could be getting worse. 

Salvation Army Muskegon Online

The Salvation Army is one of the tried and true human relief agencies that always finds a way here in Muskegon.  From the food distribution that they have had going recently to the years and years of things like the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, the ringing of the bells at the entry ways of your favorite stores and the gift distribution that they have done for kids who would otherwise go without, the Salvation Army has been "Doing the Most Good for quite some time now and it's our turn to do what we always do when it starts to get a little cooler outside and we hear that all too familiar ringing somewhere off in the distance, even if it's only in your mind because you are reading this right now.  If you need a basket for Thanksgiving or Christmas, check back here after November 2nd for the link to sign up.  Click on the Salvation Army logo above.

This year, the kettles will be out in a variety of ways.  There will be some at the stores for sure, where you'll find not only the coin and bill drop, but digital methods of donation too.  The Turkey Trot?  Well, can't really do the traditional delivery of hot meals, but the food is still going out, all boxed up and ready to be prepared for a great meal and the toys for kids, you'll find an Angel Tree at some of your favorite stores telling you what's needed and for the little extra it would take to find that new toy or clothing article for a kid, think of the mileage you'll get from that when it comes to letting go of all the ugly we've see this year and that random act of kindness that is so very essential.

We're no stranger to the Salvation Army, however, we have a new face to introduce you to!  Meet Lorri Dean, who's the Development Director of the Salvation Army in Muskegon, she's going to tell us a little about how she got here and what the biggest needs are this year, take a listen.  You might want to ignore the part about the Salvation Army lapel pins this year.  They are unavailable due to the Covid thing, but Andy wasn't aware of that before he shot his mouth off.  If you're a regular reader, it will come as no surprise. :) 

No matter the time of year, the need...it's always there.  the Salvation Army's outreach is hard to beat when it comes to meeting the needs of those in "regular times" and when the call goes out to double or triple the effort, like always they hunker down, rally the community and take care of those who need it most.  There are a number of ways you can help.  As Lorri spoke in the video, if you'd like to volunteer with some of the upcoming activities of food distribution, Christmas packaging or maybe you'd like to help with a little donation here online, you will find the links below and we hope that as you start to think about all that's to come as 2020 draws to a close, you won't forget the amazing power we all showed to take care of one another during the most trying times....and that spirit will carry you and yours through the rest of the season.    

CLICK HERE to help the Salvation Army with packing boxes on the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Want to be a Bell Ringer?  CLICK HERE