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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Positively Muskegon Turns 1 Today!

We're 1!!  It's been one year since I sat down and announced that Positively Muskegon was putting down stakes and had every intention of showing the real side of Muskegon.  As you heart and soul have gone in to this and every single person or organization that's come on this blog gets credit for making it what it is.  This community is valuable...there are good people in it and everyone deserves a pat on the back for the things they do.

Large or small contributions all add up to make!

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The intention from day one was to begin to change the way we talk about ourselves.  Yes...we're a very proud blue collar town that loves to have a good time, but we're also a community of vast resources and hearts that go the extra mile for our friends and neighbors.  We find ways to make things work and we hold values of family...friends and community dearly.

We've published 270 stories that have been read 122,423 times since this time one year ago.  My first favorite was the story about the group of moms who were putting on a party at the VFW on Apple for kids to visit Santa, decorate cookies, send a card to a soldier and get their parents presents wrapped.  THAT is an important story.  We've gone from her "she shed" which was actually her people running for US Congress wanting to come on the blog and share what they believe about Muskegon.  A garage in Wolf Lake all the way to Washington.....just never imagined that.

Sponsor Message

We've had some great sponsors come along.  Ladas Hoopes and McNeill Attorneys were first and Mercy Health was almost immediately there after.  We've intentionally kept prices low for our needs a resource to be able to reach people.

It was never the first intent to go for the paycheck....but my philosophy has always been, if you build it better than anyone else....the rewards will follow and I am eternally grateful for those who have seen the value in reaching our audience.

Positively Muskegon Coming Jan 2017 to WZZM
Finally....this idea...this chance and this one little voice going door to door with a GoPro and a dream...well, it's been recognized.  Beginning January 2017 Positively Muskegon will be a monthly feature on WZZM 13.  You'll be able to see the top things to do in all of Muskegon County for the month and I'll be making the trip to Alpine to help host the segment on My West Michigan.

I was asked if this was possible 6 days ago and the shock....well, it's not quite worn off yet.

In the end...all I am honestly hoping for is that Positively Muskegon is a way to remember me.  I don't expect a mountain of wealth or fame....but a footnote that says Andy O cared, well, that's what I hope the most for.  Thank you!!  From the bottom of my big Irish heart....thank you all so very much for making this a year that will be impossible to forget.  Keep Positively Muskegon in mind for 2017.....if you've got good news to's your platform as much as mine!

Muskegon - I love ya!!  Thank you for making this all possible and thank you more for your shared belief in the awesome community!

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