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Friday, October 7, 2016

Christian Community Development Cafe - What it Takes to Build Strong Communities With Community enCompass

A couple of months ago, we introduced you to Community enCompass, a Christian organization who strive to make the core neighborhoods of Muskegon sustainable changes seeing justice and better quality of life for the residents.

Now...before you get all up on someone shoving religion on's pretty simple.  Treat people like you'd like to be respectful, kind and willing to help.

Was that so hard?

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October 15th Community enCompass is holding a speaker conference at Muskegon High School from 11a-2p.  At the conference you'll hear from Leroy Barber who is the Executive Director of Word Made Flesh - an organization that works in neighborhoods among the most vulnerable of the world poor.  Yes...I said it.....the most vulnerable of the worlds poor.....that would include people right here in Muskegon.  It's not an us and them's an issue that right here, and right now.

This event is open to anyone who's willing to listen, learn and take action when it comes to making their community better.  You'll be able to meet people already working toward making Muskegon a better place, you'll find a great lunch from Fatty Lumpkins and you'll find that there are more people out there who are ready to cast aside what we've known in Muskegon and build.....grow and become stronger as one community.  All the slogans and promotional stuff are great....but the true teeth in the movement are people just like you and me who are willing to look past income levels....colors, creeds and preferences...and realize that any community is stronger when they work together.

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There are a whole host of churches, neighborhood groups and human services that are helping put this on.  They are all working together to help and they are also working to bring the collective conversations together in Muskegon.  Getting us all on the same page is a huge part of the mission.  Together, we are stronger.

Event sponsors include - Front Porch Church, Bethany Christian Reformed Church, First Wesleyan Church, 70x7 Muskegon, Samuel Lutheran Church, All Shores Wesleyan Church, Kingdom Embassy
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Central United Methodist Church, Kingdom Life Church, Fatty Lumpkins Sandwich Shack, Community enCompass, New Life Christian Center, Calvary Church, Community Foundation for Muskegon County, Muskegon Public Schools

I was able to catch up with Jeremy Lenertz from the First Wesleyan Church.  Jeremy gave me the run down of all that's going on at the conference.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's a free day....or a $5 donation if you'd like, and in all honesty what's $5 bucks?  Learn.....listen and be willing to grow.  The basics of this are less sitting at home and watching the world go by and more activity.  Get to know your neighbors....find out what's happening in the other neighborhoods in town and be a part of the magnificent changes that are already happening!!  My thanks to Community enCOmpass for having me out!!  To learn more about the talk, click on the image below

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