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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Citizen Corps Council. Get Involved in Muskegon

There is an initiative in Muskegon that everyone should find a way to participate in.  So often we stroll through our daily lives and luckily...we don't have to give a second thought to a disaster.  But they are real....they happen all over the world without a seconds notice and quite often, we see the people effected on the news shaking their heads and wondering why more were not prepared.

Not only the first responders, but friends and neighbors that don't know where to begin in the face of an emergency.
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Action is being taken right now in Muskegon County to make sure that God forbid a worse case scenario happens here.... there will be a team of people in place to help handle the needs, large and small that an emergency brings with it.

The Muskegon County Citizen Corps Program is part of a national program under Homeland Security that helps communities coordinate volunteers to prepare for and respond to local emergencies. It trains and engages volunteers to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters of all kinds, including threats of terrorism, natural disasters, crime, public health issues, etc. The support of Citizen Corps activities are especially important during major disasters when first responders may be initially overwhelmed. Citizen Corps activities are adapted to every community's needs and managed locally by a Citizen Corps Council. Citizen Corps encourage communities to engage every citizen in homeland security efforts.

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Basically..are you personally ready for an emergency?  Do you have the needed supplies in the house for your own good?   Do you have skills like medical training?  Would you be willing to be a part of a "CERT" team  (Community Emergency Response Team)?  At very least....would you be willing to be part of a Neighborhood Watch program?

It's been said, it takes a village.  I believe that on many levels and the basic ability to jump in at a moments notice for your family or your neighborhood is what this is all about.  From a full on disaster to the occasional call to 911 to report something going on in your all adds up to a safer community and a better place to live.  Rhona Colbert is the Voulenterer Executive Director for the Muskegon County Citizens Corps.  She invited me to the Emergency Management Center to talk a little more about this program and how you can get involved.  Take a listen to our chat below!!

We're all rowing the boat.  Everyone in Muskegon County has something to offer and as this program will your opportunity to be involved.  Coming together in the face of an emergency is really a basic human trait.  But....coming together as a community before something happens is not only builds relationships.  It gives you the chance to see first hand what can be done and it will make all of us better in the long run.  We'll stick with this story as it unfolds and keep you up to date!  My thanks to Rhona for the chance to help tell the story.

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