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Monday, September 21, 2020

Mission For Area People Benefit at Pat's Roadhouse Friday Sept 25th


It's been a whirlwind for non profits when it comes to keeping things going.  Human need doesn't end when things get hard, it gets even harder for the agencies who strive to provide for those who have need that need to be met.  We've heard over and over that "we're in this together" and it's held so true in Muskegon.  We've covered the bases and those who have needed, most have found help from organizations like Mission for Area People.

Of course, that means that Mission for Area People has to scramble a little.  Yes, fundraisers and spaces for them are difficult to swing at this point.  Indoor rules and limited space.  People who's hours have been cut and funds limited by time off work.  It's an incredible time and all are working overtime to continue to provide.  Mission for Area People didn't shut down for the the quarantine.  Volunteers stayed home, but the staff and admins kept on up to help as so many depend on them. 

MAP Benefit Infor on Facebook

Well, with a little room to breathe and a lot of space to roam, Pat's Roadhouse on Getty is opening the back yard up Friday from 6p-9p for a quick fundraiser!  $8 bucks a plate for pulled pork and all the fixin's, a live band on hand, a silent auction happening and of course, a chance to pass the hat and see what can be raised to help such a tremendous organization that truly puts the needs before the pomp and circumstance in all they do.  It's a small, human need focused group in the corner of a church and their work goes to feeding people, clothing people, helping with the occasional financial shortfall with bills or medical expenses.  They really do practice what they preach.  We're always happy to help share their story and draw your attention toward their work.

Diane Stubbs and Suzanne Prell are with Mission for Area People and we caught up quick to get the scoop on all that's to come Friday.  Take a listen.

 Hey, it's a night out, it won't break the bank and it's for such a great cause. Open air, live music and a chance to help the work that sustains so many in Muskegon.  Mission for Area People is all that you'd expect.  Powerful, but humble and direct in their work for others.  Friday night is going to be awesome so maybe a nice night out in the back yard at Pat's Roadhouse is just what the Dr. Ordered.

To learn more about Mission for Area People, click on their logo below!