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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet Sean Mullally - Candidate for the 92nd District in Lansing

All of our local candidates in Muskegon have been invited to join the chat on Positively Muskegon.  We're not trying to be overly political.....in fact....we're kind of anti that, we just want to give the candidates a chance to share their vision with you, minus all the regular hoopla that surrounds a campaign.
Imagine that?  Getting a few minutes to hear from a candidate as opposed to 3 second sound bytes?  It's not all that revolutionary but it's a lost form in today's media world.

Sean Mullally's Campaign Facebook Page
Sean Mullally is a candidate from Muskegon and he'd like to be your choice for the seat in Lansing representing the 92nd District.  Sean is currently serving his second term elected to the Board of Trustees of Muskegon Community College.  He's also had experience working with the United Way and the Red Cross. Sean is in his third term as the elected Executive Officer of the United Auto Workers #1243.

On the issues, Sean sees the need for jobs and economic growth, government transparency and reform, education, environmental stewardship, equality for women and minorities and veterans.

Sean found a couple minutes to join me to talk about all of his listen issues and why August 2nd, he'd appreciate your vote in the primary.  Click on the video to hear from Sean directly.

Our thanks to Sean for coming by to talk about why he's the guy for the job representing Muskegon in Lansing.  As with all candidates...he'd like your vote...but the important part is, that you get out and vote!  This is a pivotal year for Muskegon and a great many people have all raised their had and said "let me help".  Return the favor by knowing your candidates and then, using what you know to make the best decision for all of us!  If you'd like to know more about the Mullally campaign, click on the image below to visit his official website!

Visit the Official Campaign Website for Sean Mullally

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Secret Positively Muskegon YOU Have to Open To Read!!

200th Story!!  It's a story about you!  The stars of Positively Muskegon!  Those who care enough to get out front an be community leaders!  You who work quietly behind the scenes with amazing talents and work for the greater good in humble ways.  People who are proud of what we've got and what we're building.

We've found a way to connect!  We've found a way to share what's going on in different neighborhoods....we've found a way to celebrate the people that make up this community and we did it in 200 stories!  We've grown closer as a community and I am not the only one who feels the momentum turning our way!

You've made it happen in 200 stories....there's a WHOLE lot more to go.....but we got this!

Very Humbly

Andy O

Muskegon's Visit From Americorps Youth - What They Did and Saw

We had some visitors early this summer.  The Americorps NCCC team had a group of young people in town working on a few projects and working to learn how to serve communities and people along the way.  My first exposure was from a friend that asked if I could think of anyone to help keep them entertained in their downtime while they are here.  I made a few calls and got some pretty amazing offers form places to play and eat!  Tickets to Thunderbird Raceway were offered up instantly and Dog N Suds of Muskegon said "let's feed them".  All great ways to say thanks!

As I thought tho, I thought.... "Let's take the opportunity to talk to someone who's not from here, has no real preconceived notion about what Muskegon is all about and some people who are young enough hopefully to still see life thru the "glass is half full" point of view."

Americorps Volunteers Treated to Dinner at Dog N Suds 
How do we do as a community?  How do we compare to other places these people come from?  What to they see as our strengths and where could we improve?

I met up with Tina and Nathan at the United Way which was their "headquarters" while they were here in town.  The questions and answers are not rehearsed.  We just rolled to talk and learn.  Take a listen to the chat below.

Remarkable young people.  They needed a way to be productive and they siezed the day by becoming part of Americorps.  If you are interested in more information or maybe joining them to get out and see more of the world we live in,, click on the link below.  As a community, we owe a debt of grattitude to these young people.  Thank you from all of us in Muskegon!!

Mediation and Restorative Services - Helping Muskegon Resolve Issues

You know, I've been thinking lately that society has become very very polarized.  We are fed a constant stream of opinion, speculation and lopsided information that seems more and more to be about keeping you tuned in than actually telling a story.  We're losing our ability to remain neutral or see the other side of things because the nature of information anymore.  That being said, sometimes...a sincere scrape pops up and people have to turn for a hand in finding a way to solve the problem.
Mediation and Restorative Services on Facebook

How do you get to where you can talk it out?  Should you throw barbs on social media?  Yell over the fence?  Sue someone?  Well, there's a better way and Mediation and Restorative Services in Muskegon can help get you pointed in the right direction! They are even offering a free training seminar to those interested in learning the art of mediation and who would like to volunteer to serve as a mediator at the conclusion of the course.

You'll learn the skills it takes to maintain an environment between parties that's non threatening, learn how to ensure the participants come to a resolution themselves, guarantee confidentiality, maintain neutrality, and more.  In the process, you'll become a peace maker, improve your listening and communications skills, teach others that violence is not a solution and be part of a restorative community with your ability to help solve problems.

I was invited down to the Mediation and Restorative Services office on Clay Avenue in Muskegon by Sarah De La Rosa and Kate Kestloot-Scarbrough to talk a little about the seminar being offered and how you can take an active role in making Muskegon a place that get's along a little better by knowing how to handle situations and avoiding a Hatfiled's and McCoy's type mentality when it comes to resolving problems.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Imagine being part of the solution instead of sitting on the sidelines judging what others are going thru.  Think of the things you'll learn and how you can be better at your daily life by having the skills set of mediation.  Now, if it's something you're interested in pursuing, click on the image below and be taken directly to the Mediation and Restorative Services website!  These are life ling skills that will serve you in a multitude of ways and if you're willing to give back a little time as a mediator, it won't cost you a penny!

Register for the Mediation Class Online

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet Joshua S. EldenBrady - Candidate for 60th District Court Judge

The candidates in Muskegon this year all have the opportunity to appear on Positively Muskegon to talk about their platform and why they want to be elected to serve in Muskegon.  It's honestly about letting you get to know the candidates in a "non campaign" pitch.  Let's just sit down and talk about what motivates them to serve, see if their ideals match yours and then, when the time comes, get out and vote who you feel is the most qualified!

Visit the EldenBrady Campaign on Facebook

There are quite a few out there running for a judge seat this year.  The 60th District Court race is heating up and Joshua S. EldenBrady sent me a request to come on and let you hear what makes him tick and why he thinks he's ready for a robe and gavel.  According to Josh's Facebook page, he's running for District Court Judge because he believes the Muskegon County Judiciary needs to "more fully reflect our community".  His website says that he's running because "Laws aren't perfect, and sometimes they are less than clear."  He also says "The government writes the laws, it has the power to change them and it should the one that loses when the laws need to be re-written".  Sounds like a very nontraditional candidate to me.

We had a chance to sit down bright and early and talk about his platform and why he wants to be the next Judge for the 60th District Court in Muskegon.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Like all of our candidates....thanks goes out to Joshua EldenBrady for taking the time off the "campaign trail" to have a visit here on Positively Muskegon and reminding you to get out and vote.  We are seeing candidate after candidate here on the show and they all have their hand up in the air saying "pick me".  It's your turn now, learn about the candidates...KNOW what they stand for and what YOU want out of them for the future of Muskegon!  It's important and it's simple to do to be a part of it.  If you would like to know more about the EldenBrady campaign, please....click on the logo below!

Joshua EldenBrady's Website

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rebel Road - Built By Community - Ride Free Stop the Abuse

A year a go, a huge question mark popped up.  Biketime was moving to a new location and a lot of people were really concerned with Downtown Muskegon and the throngs of people that came down there for years to enjoy the fun and fellowship of motorcycles and motorcycle riders.

The Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County acted swiftly to get a new event in order.  The unknown factor of what would happen with the move compelled people to take action and in the end...proved that Muskegon has plenty of room.

I mentioned in an early blog post that with any event, there are going to be growing pains.  The uproar in Muskegon was loud, but the reality is...not many East of Alpine know much about our squabbles.  Nor do they care. They want to come out, see the sights be treated nicely and thanked for coming.  Rebel Road was built to simply fill a gap.  Great people put all of that first year together in about 8 weeks and in the end a good time was had by all.  In a few years...it will be long forgotten and we'll continue on the way to becoming a destination for more than motorcycle rallies.....we'll also owe a huge thanks to all the bikers who helped Muskegon become a must stop party.

Rebel Road on Facebook
Rebel Road has had a year to let it all sink in and plan the events with a little more time, purpose thought and effort.  You'll find plenty to see and do, places to camp, people to meet bands to check out.  Rockers, country acts, blues, pop, killer cover bands and more!  The amount of vendors has grown, the amount of attractions are better but the message stays the same, bikers are good people who want to have a good time and make an impact in both the lives of children and in a grateful community,  Ron Madison is a board member for the Child Abuse Council as well as a business owner Downtown Muskegon.  I had a chance to catch up with him and talk about this years Rebel Road and what's gone into making year 2 happen,  Have a listen to our chat.

To visit the official Rebel Road website click on the image below.  The important thing to remember is that unexpectedly Muskegon got bigger and better and we now have more assets to offer when it comes to people visiting our area.  Rebel Road is a part of the puzzle as we boldly go into the future and in my honest and humble opinion...a very bright future.

Visit Rebel Road's Website

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Biketime at the Rez - 2016 Welcomes the Second Year of the Annual Festival at the New Location

2015.  It's in the history books and the controversy of some perceived battle between Summertime motorcycle events is a thing of the past.  One thing for certain came out of all the "to do" last Summer and that was Muskegon is more than capable of hosting events in town in more than one location and that we all need to realize that the more we have to offer, the more people will come to see what Muskegon is....a damn good place to have a REALLY good time!

Year two with the Biketime Festival out at the old Great Lakes Downs property, now owned by the Little River Band will see a few changes.  First.  Free admission.  If you're coming out to stroll and see the sights...there won't be a charge for the festival atmosphere.  There will be cruising lanes for motorcycles, plenty of parking for festival goers and they will also have onsite camping for RV's.

Biketime on Facebook
Music?  They have music for just about any taste!  Biketime at the Res welcomes, Let There Be Rock a tribute to AC/DC, Dancin' Days, a West Michigan Led Zeppelin tribute band,  The Rock Show Ultimate Tribute to Journey, The LAV Summertime Blues at Biketime featuring Wayne Baker Brooks and Scotty Batcher, and Wayland will all be playing!  It's a great time.  Check out the Biketime website for the scheduled performance times.

Attractions?  You mean all that great music and all those motorcycles are not enough?  Well, ok.... Scott Murray will be on hand, he's one of only 4 motorcycle riders in the world to land a double backf flip at the X Games.  Kind Tony's Busted Knuckles Stunt Show is coming, The Relentless Stunts Show will perform through the run of the show, THE WALL OF DEATH will have hourly shows and if you think you're man enough... The West Michigan Arm Wrestling Championships will be held at Biketime on the Rez.  Need a brake from bikes?  Take a spin in the Ultimate NASCAR Experience and see what it feels like to drive in the Sprint Cup Series!  Again, check out the Biketime Page for times.

I had a chance to catch up with Tim Lipan who's the spokesman and marketing guy at Biketime.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's 10 years now.  So Hard to believe that Biketime has been going strong in Muskegon that long.  I remember the first year like it was yesterday.  I turned from Shoreline Drive to Western and my jaw hit the floor.  The masses or people.  The motorcycles.  The spectacle.  The thought that MY TOWN was filled with something so amazing....I couldn't have felt better.  Up's and downs are a thing of the past and Biketime turns 10!  It's an amazing event and hopefully, you can check it out in just a couple short weeks!  We'll see you there!

To visit the Biketime on the Rez site click on the logo below.

Visit the Official Muskegon Biketime Page

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Biketime and Rebel Road - My Two Cents. Andy O Editorial

Well, I've been thinking about the whole thing and thought I might sit down and share a few thoughts with you in advance of both stories coming out relatively soon.

You know, there's always growing pains involved and all with anything that's growing.  I remember shin splints from hell while I was growing up.  That and they made a good excuse to not have to run.  Who does that?  I hated it in 8th grade, I hate it now.

So we had some growing pains last year, but hindsight being 20/20 and all....what we ended up with 2 festivals.  HA!  We grew up and were so busy fighting over b.s. that no one else gave a crap about outside Muskegon.  Trust me, east of Grand Rapids not one ounce of Muskegons town dust up's is on the mind of the rider coming over.  I think the right moves were made.

I think Rebel Road was smart to take the street over.  Someday, as we watch time going by, I think that will be considered "old town" and hallowed grounds for being the original spark that started the bikers coming, ushering in a new age of tourism to Muskegon.

I think Biketime too moving out Fruitport was a good thing too.  I think it kind of widens the tourism aspect of things.  Things are looking pretty dang good about a new major destination right out on that property, so the reality of it all is, as that gets closer and closer, we're going to have to circle the wagons a little and learn how to work with Fruitport, Shores, and The Heights to offer the "added value" to the people coming in to have fun at the casino, but when you're done....come on Downtown Muskegon.  Or, the burgers in Roosevelt Park are so good you can't possibly go to Muskegon without!  Or maybe the fact that there is one of few surviving Dog N Suds restaurants in the country is right around the corner?  Starting to get the idea?  :)

We now have two festivals, both with remarkable things to do and 7 miles of commerce opportunity between the two.   BOOM!

Thanks for listening to me ramble.  Keep in mind....I am not a professional at any of this.

Broadway Boot Camp - Give Your Kids a Summer to Remember

Your kids are probably driving you nuts already.  Welcome to Summer. :)  There are a lot of things going on for everyone all Summer, but kids seem to find ways to get bored when they are out of school and missing that "structure" of the day to day.  Not to mention, they might get a little lapse in what they have learned due to inactivity of their brain!  Not to say that day' and days of snap chats and video games are not mind numbing.

What if you knew of an outlet that would allow the young people in your life a chance to get of the "box" and on to a stage?  A place where new friendships can be made and possibly a spark ignited in your kid to try out acting?   Something to get them off the couch....their mind working and a confidence building experience where all that imagination in there gets put to work to see that all of the story, work and skill that goes into movies, games, play's and more is really where the fun is!

There's an international twist to all this too!  I was fist contacted by Jacqui Bernhardt who was studying theater in England!  She's from Muskegon but has been studying abroad over at the Bath Spa University in England.  She's been following the blog from over there a while and asked that as soon as she got off the plane....could we sit down and talk about this unique and fun Summer camp for kids and since she's flown all this way....let's do it!  Hear our chat below.

The thought of getting kids more involved in the arts, is a great idea to me.  In a world where a young mind is subject to the never ending onslaught of news, data, games and peer pressure....to give them a structured break to try something new is important.  The opportunity for them to be a part of a team working together to put on a show is also a life long skill that can't be taken away.  Not every kid is a scholar athlete, not every kid is the next Steven Hawking but, every kid has an imagination and once it's lit....look out.  Thanks to Jacqui for coming on to talk about her passion for acting.  You can link to their Facebook at the link below!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Muskegon County Community Motorcycle Run June 25th - Let's Ride for a CoupleReasons

Muskegon Michigan LOVES motorcycles!  We also tend to rally around causes that make a difference and give people a reason to share some seat time, enjoy the company of others all the while.....raising a few bucks for a worthy cause....like say the Muskegon County Motorcycle Patrol and No More Sidelines....how do the two connect?  Keep reading.

It started off as a talk...most things do, but as it blossomed things all fell in to place with John Fredrick, Shane Brown and Scott Smith.  The Community Run was born.

The premise is simple.  Let's build a family friendly run where a few bucks can be raised and we can bring together some groups who might not cross paths all that much.  First the No More Sidelines angle.  There's a big building, there's a big parking lot and there are a lot of kids who like motorcycles, cars, monster trucks, race cars, tow trucks, semi trucks, mud trucks....let's get them all in the same area.  The Muskegon County Bike Patrol?  Well, the Motor Division needs a bit of a hand with their yearly funding.  So, let's host a run at the big building that's got all that space, raise a few bucks to keep the Motor Division on the road and the No More Sidelines kids busy at the same time with all the great things they do.  If that's not enough for ya...let's do it all together so everyone can learn a little more about each other and we can be a little closer as neighbors!

I had a chance to sit down with John Fredrick to learn a little more about the event, take a listen to the chat below!

As you can see....there will be a LOT going on and just to come by and see the sights, all free.  If you'd like to participate on the scenic poker run there's a small fee.  The No More Sidelines group will be offering burgers and dogs at the conclusion of the event.  Come on out and enjoy the fun and thank a group of guys who's idea bright together a lot of great causes!  You can click on the photo below to visit the Facebook event page for the Community Run.

Sheriff Dean Roesler Talks About His Term and Why He's Running for Re-Election in Muskegon County

We've had a front row seat to meet a lot of really great candidates.  We've also taken the approach to meeting our local candidates as more of a get to know the person running as opposed to the usual fever pitch when it comes to elections.  The invitation is open to anyone running for office and it's our way of letting you get to know the person before you head in to vote.

Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler took the time out to come on Positively Muskegon to talk about his time in office and his campaign for re-election this fall.  We've had a great turn out from all the candidates for Muskegon County Sheriff.  It's going to be a tough decision for voters!

Retain Roesler on Facebook

Dean has been the Muskegon County Sheriff since 2008.  In that time he's kept the families, neighborhoods and communities safe through numerous budget cuts and economic challenges according to his campaign website.  Dean's mission statement is pretty clear.  To create a safe living environment for the citizens of Muskegon County.  To reduce the incidents of crime in the areas where the deputies work and to increase the availability of Muskegon County deputies to the citizens of Muskegon County.

Have a listen to the chat between Dean and I below to hear more from the man himself!

Many thinks to Dean for taking the time to come on and tell you why he's the guy who should retain the job and continue to be Sheriff of Muskegon County.  Thanks to you too for taking a few minutes to be a more informed voter.  I think all of our candidates appreciate the fact that people are taking a few minutes to learn more!  If you'd like to visit the Roesler campaign at his official website, use the link below!

Visit the Roesler Campaign Website

Monday, June 20, 2016

Groovy - Cool - And RETRO! The Retro Expo in Muskegon!

We push.  We're proud to help spread the word about good things happening.  Good people making them happen and new ways to welcome people to Muskegon so they can see that we truly are a community worth visiting, moving to or just being part of the offerings....we're here to showcase, promote and applaud!  There are incredible things going on in every direction in Muskegon and it's a great feeling.

While we're doing our part....it's those who do the things that bring them in who deserve a pat on the back!

Alison Updyke
Take for instance local blogger, photographer and freelancer Alison Updyke.  She writes, she snaps pictures and last year she decided to take all of her uber hipness and turn it into an event.  An event that not only caught people off guard when it comes to something truly unique and cool, it was so big that it tuned into a once a month reason to yet again, come to Downtown Muskegon and say "wow....i didn't know things like this went on in Muskegon.  Well, they do....and do they ever!

The Retro Expo is a flea market....if you want to call it that.  You could call it an artisan show, you could call it an antique show....you could call it a hang out....but undeniably it's an amazing display of things that make you feel like "the good old days" are here again and you might even find that item that you've long lost to the years passing by, maybe it was something you always wanted as a kid and never got one, or maybe it's an item that you want to hang up in your house for the unique memory it holds!  Vintage clothing?  You can look like you just walked out of the Woodstock Festival if you like...or maybe you long for some 80's short shorts?  You'll find them!

I invited Alison on to talk about the Retro Expo at the Muskegon Farmers Market happening on the last Sunday of the month until September.  Take a listen to the chat and find out what makes her tick!

Truth be told, Alison was part of the inspiration for Positively Muskegon.  After attending one of her Retro Expos last year, I walked away and said to myself - "There is a great example of someone who just said I am jumping in with both feet and doing it myself".  She was right....I was soon to follow with the same mindset when it comes to telling Muskegon's story!  Thanks for the inspiration Alison and your dedication to making Muskegon a great place...with a LOT of cool things!  If you'd like to view her webpage, click on the image below.

Retro Expo Online

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Lewis Farm Market - Family Fun and Fresh Everything

It's our first report from "out of the county".  Yes, the Lewis Farm Market is just over the county line as you head north on US 31, but....the short drive over the county line is made by just about everyone here in Muskegon once or twice a Summer and in to the Fall, so. I invited my good friend Scott and Cindy Lewis on to talk about this season, and their ever growing foot print on West Michigan tourism.
Lewis Farm Market on Facebook

Did you know there is actually a thing called "Agrotourism?"   It's true!  People are seeking out a little simplicity.  Some great food, fresh fruits and vegetables, a chance for their kids to experience something other than video games and YouTube videos!  Actually come in to contact with animals at a petting farm?  Rabbits....goats, cows, camels, deer...the list goes on and on.  Maybe a ride thru the orchard being pulled by a farm tractor?  Maybe the jumping pillows?  How bout the slides?  Pedal Racers?  It's all at Lewis Farm Market.

Keep in mind too, the Lewis Farm is an actual working farm!  In the middle of all the fun comes the freshest fruit, great baked goods, seasonal veggies and a few surprises!!  Take for instance the cannons out back!  Yes...they have pumpkin cannons!  Why act like a grown up all the time, right?

You can also rent the facility.  They have plenty of room for parties, receptions.  A school field trip is always welcome as are bus tours, family reunions....you name it.

I made the quick drive up north to visit with Scott and Cindy to find out about this upcoming season....what's going to be new on the farm and some statistics about what their growing business does for the local economy.  I think you'll be surprised at just how many people visit the farm over a season.  Take a listen!

Look, I have 6 grand kids and you know what?  Every single one of them pick the Lewis Farm Market over Chuck-E-Cheese, a carnival, junk shops and just about anything.  It's wholesome family fun and it's a great way to get them away from today's modern distractions.  Let them see and feel the friendly animals....taste home made good food and get a little fresh air just off the shores of Lake Michigan.  Thanks to Scott and Cindy for finding a few minutes to talk about their great farm!  You can click on the image below and visit their website for hours and directions!

Lewis Farm Market Online

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rollin' on Western - Tuesdays Come to Life in Muskegon

Muskegon.  We don't have this...we don't have that....but if you stop and think about it....what else do we really need?  The key to ANY city with momentum and and any community that attracts visitors....is what we have coming out the wazoo!  It's people!

Muskegon is filled with fun loving people who work hard, play hard and at the end of the day they are glad to get up and do it all over again.  If it's just the day to day grind or when people take some time off to help pull off one of the large festivals over the course of the summer!

Should we contain that to just the festivals?  Hell no!

Tuesday nights....Downtown Muskegon has a new spark going....it's called Rollin' On Western.  Western is indeed our "main street".  Do we have a blues series?  Not yet.  Do we have ample outdoor seating?  Yup.   Do we have the Muskegon Motorcycle Club on board to help promote the event and give people something to look at Tuesdays?  Yup!  Miller Lite helping out as a sponsor?  Uh Huh!  Do we have plenty of parking, food, fun and things to do....well...we're working on it.  In fact two of the hardest working people on it are names Ron Madison and Ellen Berrends.  Ron owns Racquets Downtown Muskegon and Ellen works for Downtown Muskegon so....it's a 1-2 punch when it comes to launching another reason to enjoy a great burger and a beer, a stroll up and down the street, meet some friends shake a few hands and when you're done...head home satisfied that we're heading in the right direction when it comes to making Downtown Muskegon OUR Downtown and a great place for people to gather.

I was able to get with Ron and Ellen for a few minutes  to learn a little more about the fledgling event and if they have any particular themes in mind for reasons to come Downtown Muskegon.  Have a listen to our interview below.

It's all hands on deck!  We are a community on the move and YOU are as big a part of it as anyone!  Come out!  Enjoy!  Bring your bike, your jeep, you unicycle...whatever.  Have a great burger at Racquets....Enjoy the patio at the Holiday Inn.  Smash Wine Bar and Bistro....Mikes Inn, Pigeon Hill, Unruly, Rebel Pies, Top Shelf....heck, they stay busy and guess what?  MORE bars and restaurants will be along in no time.  Do some shopping in artisan shops.  Bring the kids to the Alcoa Splash Pad or just hang out and enjoy some Downtown Muskegon volley ball!  It's all waiting for the last piece of the puzzle.... YOU!

To connect with the Rollin' on Western Tuesday event, click on the Muskegon Motorcycle Club event logo you see below and follow along on Facebook.

Follow Rollin' On Western on Facebook

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Take The LEAP For the 13th Time at Lakeside Emporium June 18th

I am an unapologetic frequent customer at Lakeside Emporium.  Gary and Laureen are remarkable stewards of our area and they should be teaching post graduate courses in customer service.

Customers are welcomed with open arms, called by name, they know pretty much what you're looking for and they give you the feeling that has long been forgotten by some of the retail offerings society has today.

Follow Lakeside Emporium on Facebook
Big box retailers offer a great price and selection, but look back over your days.  What were the stand out visits you made?  A trip to John F. Lawhans or the appliance store are a long lost memory, but the neighborhood candy story.... you have not forgotten that have you?

Well, June 18th Lakeside Emporium is hosting their 13th Annual LEAP Party! (Lakeside Emporium Anniversary Party) It's how they say thanks to Muskegon and their chance to pull a few more people into the Lakeside area.  You'll find great live music, a Zumba class, face painting, photo booths,   Hungry?  GBQ will be on hand with his delicious catering and of course....you'll want to grab yourself something sweet while you are there.

The Andy O

Now, you might be saying...this seems a little over the top on love....well, do keep in mind, we're talking about the place that brought the world the "Andy O" which helped raise a buck a piece for the kids at No More Sidelines, so yes...you're going to hear from me about the great party!  Well, Gary, Laureen and me....take a listen below

Stop by, enjoy Lakeside and be a part of a great "mini festival" as Lakeside Emporium rolls out the red carpet on June 18th to get ready to celebrate 13 years and hopefully.....130 more!  You can click on the image of the candy below to see the Facebook event for the 13th LEAP Party!!  Let's see you in Lakeside Saturday!!

Meet Dennis Luce - Candidate for Sheriff of Muskegon County

Having a front row seat to meet all of the candidates in Muskegon this year has been great.  With the idea of talking to candidates and trying to keep them to just being themselves....minus the rhetoric and typical campaign jargon..hopefully you see our local candidates as people who truly want to better Muskegon and make a difference in a community.  If you like all mumbo jumbo associated with the national races for office...there are plenty of outlets.

Here, you just get to know the person a little and why they are in the hunt!  To me, it's been refreshing.

Dennis Luce is the first candidate to file for the sheriff’s position in this year’s election cycle. Outside of military service in the US Army Infantry, Dennis is a lifelong resident of Muskegon County. Dennis currently works for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and has served in several different capacities such as general road patrol, school resource deputy, community policing, and road patrol supervisor.
Dennis chairs a non-profit organization geared toward helping at-risk youth become productive members of society and offers suicide prevention education along with other educational classes for youth. Dennis is currently assigned as a sergeant for the City of Coopersville and is responsible for an array of duties which includes local contracted policing budget, scheduling, and grant writing. Dennis is a proven leader who believes that a safe community is a successful community. Dennis is committed to build strong community partnerships with our local municipalities and schools.

Dennis and his wife and kids call Fruitport Township home and he's got a few endeavors as well.  Let's take a couple minutes and meet Dennis and find out more why he's in search of the Sheriff seat in Muskegon.  Take a listen to the video below!

It's an important year for Muskegon for our elected officials.  Let's be honest...we choose who we think will do the very best in the job and the decision is never easy!  We're glad to be here giving you a chance to meet great candidates and hope that with the info you find here, you can make the nest decision possible when it comes time to vote.  Thanks so much to Dennis for taking the time to come on Positively Muskegon.  If you'd like to visit his website, please click on the logo below to get there.

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