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Friday, October 28, 2016

Wine and Whiskers Helping The Noah Project in Muskegon November 11th

We love our pets!  No mistaking that around Muskegon.  As pets are such a big part of our is making sure that they are well taken care of and that the places who step up to make sure they are...well, they are just as important.

As the Winter months approach, it's important to keep in mind the work of The Noah Project on Airline Road.  The Noah Project is a no kill animal shelter here in Muskegon with a simple goal.  No more homeless pets.

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The Noah Project is noted for treating every animal they take in with compassion and dignity and that they remain committed to that animal until it's adopted, and if no adoptive family comes along, The Noah Project takes care of the pet until it's natural life comes to an end.  The make sure that animals are placed with the right loving homes and they have countless volunteers who work hours on end to assure their pets have the best life until they find their forever home.

It's a place filled with passion, commitment and kindness....but it's also a place that needs a hand to keep operations up and running...bellies full and an outreach going to let people know that their new forever friend is waiting for them right on the outside of town on Airline road.  How can people know their dog or cat are waiting for them without some notice given?

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Muskegon knows, the best way to raise a few a party!  This particular one will be held in the amazing Silversides Museum down next to the Muskegon Channel on November 11th from 6p-9p.  You'll not only find the rich history of the Silversides you'll enjoy local beer and wine, plenty of great food and a silent auction.

I was invited to stop in and learn more about the Wine and Whiskers party by Diane Keenan, Heather Rake and Jane McGregor.  We met up at Jane's office and they gave me the low down on the event, the purpose and the lovable furry faces that The Noah Project cares for day in and day out.  Take a listen to our chat below for more information.

A great time to be had in a very historic setting that you will find NOWHERE else but Muskegon.  Think of the evening and the fun, but think more of the lives you'll be helping by helping assure The Noah Project can continue their work for years to come.  If you are in the market for a new forever friend, make sure you check out The Noah Project on Airline Road.  Chances are....that new family member is already there waiting for you.  For tickets to the party... click on the photo below!!

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