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Wings Over Muskegon
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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Aaron Coon Teaches Us All About Living By Example at 15


A remarkably special event took place at Bernie O'S Pizza on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon on April 12th.  It was a small private gathering of friends and family for an "uncles birthday party", or so thought Aaron Coon.  As the friends and family gathered and the air filled with the smell of the "Twist" the "4 Corners" and the "Fusion" excitement built and while most uncles probably are over birthdays, this uncle seemed pretty excited where he sat.

Aaron Coon was found with a brain tumor not long ago.  He was having headaches and his parents both needing glasses about his age just thought that it was probably time for Aaron to go get checked too so off they went to the optometrist.  It was also the first time that Aaron went into an exam room by himself.  It's a pretty big step if you remember being 15 and doing that for the first time.  The eye Dr. noticed some things, Aaron's mom thought that the visit was taking an awful long time....and when they had a chance to recap what was found, it really wasn't a recap.  It was a directive to go directly to an emergency room for further, much more extensive examinations.  It's a moment of upheaval no live ever wants to face.

The tumor was found and treated.  With the diagnosis, an organization that grants wishes came along and wanted to offer Aaron a wish.  The immediate idea from some was "Yay!  We're going to Florida", but Aaron had a different idea.  Something not quite so common for a 15 year old.

Looking back over what mattered to him up to that moment, he saw the need for more inclusion and more ways for kids to fit in.  He reflected back on his memories and where they were formed and how he could improve the lives of others and at 15, his exposure to life led him to the decision that the funding should go to Twin Lake Middle School to help improve the playground for future kids at the school so they too could be part of the fun, and curate the same memories he did at his cherished elementary school.  It's an amazing mindset for a young person, and one to give pause over to stop and think about purpose and living by example.

Well, led by Bonnie Nolan and friends, once the designation was heard about for the wish funding, the community came together to do a little something extra for Aaron as a thank you in return for his act of selflessness.  We happened to be invited to show you how it all went, so....enjoy the moment by moment happenings that you'll only find in a community who's best come to light in the service of others, and see it amplified for good.  

The ability to see that through giving, we gain more than we could ever get...it's a life lesson that comes at different stages.  It doesn't have to be a big gigantic give like Aaron did, but it's the idea that a little of you going to someone else could very well be the moment they needed to change life completely.  For kids at Twin Lake Middle school, it will probably be a lasting legacy.  For anyone you meet, it might be that momentary respite that gets them through the moment.  And that's just as big of a give...and a 15 year old showed us all today how it's done.

If you'd like to follow this incredible young man on his life journey, his INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT is here and please join us in our deepest admiration and thanks to a young man leading by example in Muskegon.....Aaron Coon. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

Muskegon Rail Road Historical Society - Train Show April 29th - Our Biggest Little Museum


To say there's not a romance still about trains, I cannot.  While we don't see the traffic from trains in Michigan we once did, without trains around the country and world, everything still grinds to a halt.  Across America freight, food and people are moved en mass by trains and while the days that made trains the exclusive elegant way to travel have long past, we'd be no where without their contribution to this society and commerce of our country.  They are stalwarts of industry and with all of the modern innovation, we're still nowhere without them.

If you travel at all, and get out of a "peninsula"  state like Michigan, you can see the level of heavy lifting they still do.  If you stick closer to home you can catch one once in a while and marvel at the motion, the level of ability and even the design of the vehicles.  Another really great thing about trains is the role they have taken in the tourism field.  Imagine some of the scenic things you can do on a train?  Even the ride in from Michigan City Indiana to Chicago for about $10 bucks will show you the world from a completely different perspective.  It's not always perfect, but it's real.  

Muskegon has a group of very dedicated people who are working to preserve the history of rail roads in Muskegon and the days that it played a vital role in town.  The Muskegon Rail Road Historical Society is located on Quarterline across from Cardinal Elementary and the work continues, beautifully on the inside of the museum, and to support the work, their annual fundraiser of a model train show is coming up at Cardinal Elementary on April 29th.

There are train enthusiasts coming in from all over the state to buy, sell and trade along with display some pretty dynamic set up's.  The museum itself will be open across the street to take a stroll though and see the progress and if you're a fan of trains or not...it's a great opportunity to take the kids out to see and maybe break up some of the "screen time" that they all seem to be so obsessed with.

Michael Wood is our ambassador of the museum and just like every other year, we got the call to come show you the progress and get the word out about the show.  Take a listen. 

If it's a stroll down memory lane, or a chance to share a little history with the kids...get out and check out the model train show.  Our idea behind this too is to help forward the purpose of this museum in Muskegon to show the rich history that rail roads once played in everything about our community.  The work going in to the building is articulate.  The dedication is real and the love of trains, it lives on.  Follow the MRHS on Facebook by clicking on the logo below.