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Wings Over Muskegon
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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Muskegon CROP Walk Sunday October 2nd


I am going back a few years on memories of what kinds of charity things stuck out when I was younger.  Keep in mind, I went to a small Catholic school and being taught that giving was an important part of life began early and often.  I remember vividly things like "Operation Rice Bowl" and "Holy Childhood Stamps" which we were supposed to either fill a cardboard bowl with pennies, nickels and dimes with or see what you could get out of the grandparents for the commemorative stamps.  There were candy bar sales too....but I just passed those out on the bus for free to avoid getting beat up.

Well, 1980 is when the CROP Walk came on full tilt in Muskegon and while I was just a lad of 10 over in Belmont at Assumption School, the idea of the CROP Walk was brought on to us full tilt and with the idea that a lasting and purposeful event was beginning to help end what was just broad stroke "poverty" back then and today is better defined as food insecurity and while in 1980 "food insecurity" was probably just as real here as it is now, no one spoke of it....it was an issue "somewhere else" and those "pitiful people" who had to suffer could sure use some help.  42 years later.  Those pitiful people could be right next door hiding behind the smiles you see on the faces of everyone else in the world not knowing where their next meal is coming from.  Not here to be a bummer....this is the reality for some.  It really sucks.

The Muskegon CROP Walk people, some of which have been a part of making this walk happen for nearly it's entire existence.  Since 1980 over a MILLION dollars has been raised by this loyal group to help those who are in need of food assistance.  A portion does go to world based programs in rural areas to help aid there as well, but here in town places like the Mission for Area People Healthy Food Pantry benefit, so does Community enCompass and The Saturday Breakfast at First Congregational Church has been known to fill a belly and a heart or two.

Tim Breed volenteers some time with the CROP organization and met me at The Coffee Factory to talk a little more about this weekends event and how it all works to help, even after 42 years.  If it ain't broke....don't fix it and through the up's and downs of 4 decades....the CROP Walk keeps truckin!  Take a listen.


It's a short notice between now and October 2nd but there's still time!  The CROP Walk gets underway with registration at 12:30 and the walking at 1 at Central United Methodist Church on 2nd Street in Downtown Muskegon.  If you'd like more information or to make a donation, please CLICK HERE or on the image below.