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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Muskegon City of the Dead - A History Lesson Like No Other

The history of Muskegon is a storied one.  From the fur trading days to the logging years....then on to industrial and now Muskegon is poised for the next great era!  Big things are coming and growth feels like it's going to be rapid!

It's important though that we take a good look from time to time at how we got here and who the people were that helped get us here!  Thing is....some of them are dead.  It's the one thing no one can

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How do we tell our story...and the story of those who have plowed a way for us in the past?  You find actors who know the parts....know the work that was done and since it's October and people are in the mood to be a little let's tell the stories right by their grave sites!

The 2016 "Muskegon - City of the Dead is set to take place this Saturday from 6p-8p and Sunday from 2p-4p.  You'll be able to tour the Evergreen Cemetery with guides who are also in character to visit some of the graves of Muskegon's most prominent people of the past.  Hear their life story and learn what impact they made in their time here in Muskegon.

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This is an adventure for sure, but it's done in a very respectful way and people who've gone on this tour in the past have walked away a little smarter and a whole lot more entertained.

Jackie Engel invited me out way back on Labor Day weekend to get the scoop from some of the stars of the well as the people who are playing the stars in the Evergreen Cemetery.  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's a fun way to learn more about your town!  We simply can't forget the things that have built Muskegon up and as we look forward to the next phase.  It's common people who've built...grown and prospered.  They gave this community the backbone and pride we still carry, and very unapologetic-ally!  It's a tour that should be taken by young and old and the stories you hear...share them with pride for it's you that make Muskegon what it is!  Be proud!  Click on the photo below for tickets!

Muskegon City of the Dead Tickets

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