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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet Rory Rought - Candidate for Sheriff In Muskegon County

We're doing what we can to give you a chance to meet candidates for office this year in Muskegon.  There is an extended invite to people running to take a few minutes and come in to talk about why they seek office and what they will bring to the job should they be elected.  Are we worrying about covering campaigns like everyone else?  Nope, not even for a second.  But, to know who you're voting for outside of a couple of sound bytes or quotes in the paper....that's a pretty good idea.

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Rory Rought is a Police Officer in Muskegon Heights and has been for 16 years.  His focus should he be elected Sheriff are protecting children, making use of the brand new jail to hold violent offenders but get the non violent ones out on the streets doing community clean up.  He's also got an eye on changing some "mis-management" problems as well as empowering community policing.  You should know the officers who are working to keep your area safe.

In Rory's spare time, he's an avid hunter and fisherman.  Loves to spend time in the great outdoors with his family and he's also the founder of Northern Michigan Outfitters and takes people from all over the country on guided bear hunts in the Upper Peninsula.  If all of that isn't enough, he's even got his own show on The Hunting Channel!

Rory took a couple minutes to come in and introduce himself to the Positively Muskegon readers, take a minute to hear why he thinks he's the right choice for Sheriff in 2016.

It's a big year for elections in Muskegon.  The candidates for Sheriff have all been outstanding so far and as the election gets closer, the resounding message is...get out and vote, no matter who you vote for.  Our thanks to Rory Rought for taking a few minutes of his time to stop by and talk about his campaign and how he'll make a difference if you elect him.

The Rory Rought Campaign Online

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