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Friday, May 20, 2016

Have Some Fun and a Donut! Ryke's Bakery is Out to Benefit The Salvation Army

Think back to World War 1.  Ok, maybe you can't think back that far but, imagine what it must have been like to be that far away from home.  A war going on, you're in some foreign land and nothing is "normal".  Well, there's more to the story of course.

During WW1, the Salvation Army had a brigade of young women they sent to the front line with the soldiers. They were there to cook meals, mend uniforms, help the soldiers write letters to send home, and offer spiritual guidance. They soon noticed these young guys were extremely homesick. So they raided the px, and began making donuts to offer a comfort of home. The first thing they fried them in was a helmet, the first cutter they had fashioned from a shaving cream can. 

The donuts took off - the ladies became known as "donut lassies" and the "dough boys" came home with a love for the confections.  During the great depression, Chicago started making the donuts stateside and sold them on street corners as a way to raise funds for their pantry - National Donut day is celebrated the 1st Friday in June.  

Ryke's Donut Day Event on Facebook

For 6 years now, Ryke's Bakery of Muskegon has celebrated National Donut Day on the First Friday in June.  The event was the brainchild of Renee Rowhurst who got her hands on the original recipe of the donuts served to those troops back then, and Friday June 3rd you can get one for yourself for a donation to the Salvation Army of Muskegon.

The sale goes from 6:30am-5:30pm and as mentioned, make a donation to the Salvation Army....and you get to taste the remake of something so important, to so many!

I had a chance to talk with Kim Wells and Paula Kule at Rykes's to learn more about this fun way to raise a few bucks.  Take a listen below!

You want unique?  You got it right here in Muskegon.  Ryke's is basically a community treasure.  The name alone evokes the best cake you ever had, a friendly staff, longevity and deep roots planted right here in Muskegon.  To know they set aside a day to give you a little culinary history as well as doing a good turn for the Salvation's a win for everyone!  Make sure you stop in June 3rd and bring the kids!  Here's a link to Ryke's Bakery.  Tell them thanks for being such a steward of the community!

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