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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Norton Shores Fire Saves the Day!!

Police officers and fire fighters are quite often the unsung hero's in the community.  They have hard jobs, they deal with people in remarkably stressful situations and quite often....thanks are forgotten or few and far between.

Those times aside, it's important to remember that area police and fire people are friends and neighbors.  The place themselves in harms way as first responders to help those who really need them.....and they all have a softer side.

Earlier this week a call came in from Gordman's on Harvey Street about an urgent matter just outside the parking lot where a mother had her babies trapped in a drain.  The mother....happens to be a duck and the babies...her duckling squad.  A call was placed to 911 to report the situation and the Norton Shores Fire Department came to the rescue!

I was invited to the Norton Shores FD on Airline Road to meet the hero's themselves so they can tell the tale of their epic heroism and steadfast commitment to all of the area.

Take a listen to our chat below and see some tough guys, Jerry Ferrier and Aric Abdullah,  talking about their risky assignment.

Here's a little photo gallery that floated around Facebook in case you missed it!

Our thanks to all of our area first responders for making sure we are safe and protected in Muskegon MI.  You are all hero's in my book!


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