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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Michigan Marines Come to Muskegon June 2nd-5th

It's not an invasion!  It's a great honor to welcome the Michigan Marine Corps League's 76th Annual Department Convention to the Holidau Inn Muskegon Harbor June 2nd -5th.

From the Marine Corps League Website - "The Marine Corps League was established in June of 1923 at a reunion in New York of Marines who had served in the 1st World War.  The league was chartered by an act of congress on August 4th 1937.

Michigan Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League was authorized to assist and aid in presenting claims before the Veterans Administration by public law #243 passed by the 74th Congress of the United States of America.

Sure, there will be plenty of meetings but I think too you'll find that the real story is the group themselves.  The Marines are often the first on the scene when it comes to combat and their bravery and commitment to this country is unmatched.  

Not long ago, I was contacted by Scott Hellman who's wife won a contest on Positively Muskegon about maybe coming in to talk a little about the convention and the work that gets done by the Marine Corps League here in Michigan and around the country.  Take a listen to our chat below.

In my humble opinion, to have a convention like this in Muskegon is a great honor.  To welcome guests in from all over the state who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom is an honor for any city and to think that June 2nd-5th we get to share the beauty and fun of Muskegon with true American Hero's is a big deal.  If you see anyone in town that looks like they are here for the convention, take a minute to welcome them.  If you are coming in for the convention, we are appreciative of you and hope your time here in Muskegon will bring you back again and again.  Our humble thanks to all of the United Stated Marines that will be here in early June!

National Marine Corps League

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