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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stop By a Local Small Business! It's a Piece A Cake!

I think it's known far and wide that I am a bit of a fan of the sweet stuff.  Sure, there's a family history of being over weight and diabetic....but I am POSITIVE I'm the one who will beat the odds..... ya right :)  All kidding aside...sweets are good, and the best part of them is that you can design beautiful cakes, candies and confections all by yourself and if you need the supplies...Muskegon has an answer for it!

Piece A Cake on Facebook!

Piece A Cake is located on Glade Street just off Seaway drive and they specialize in all kinds of interesting things you can do with baked goods, sweets and more!  It's the kind of stuff you might think you need to shop for on some have the resource right here, in good old Muskegon MI!

I got a message from Joan Link on Facebook wondering if I thought her showing off her new Star Wars themed candy molds would be a cool post and since it's been a while since we stopped into a local mom and pop for a visit, I asked her back if I could come by!  She said, here we are to learn a little more about Piece a Cake in Muskegon!!

A Piece A Cake is right here!  I mean JUST off the beaten path on Muskegon!  If you just take a quick look'll find all kinds of amazing places just like Joan's.  It's important to shop locally and to support friends and neighbors in your community!  We've got great things to offer and really great people here offering them.  Stop in and see Joan at Piece A Cake!

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