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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Muskegon Area First - Introducing the Business Resource Team

Muskegon?  Is it a good place to do business?  I sure think so and it would seem that a lot of others do too, however....where do you find the knowledge, resources and networking that with some patience and a little elbow grease should lead you to success?  Well, there are all kinds of resources for that, but what if they could all be tied together in one powerful and helpful package, done by professionals who's specialty is helping YOU connect?

There's help for that kind of thing!

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Muskegon Area First describes themselves on their website as a county wide economic development cooperation focused on leveraging public and private investment to accelerate business growth and the development of high quality employment opportunities in Muskegon County.    They are introducing the Business Resource Team who will collectively work together to help find you things like employee training and funding sources, recruiting job candidates, business expansion resources, exporting resources, entrepreneurial resources and more!  You'll meet, they will listen and get to work on making you successful so you in turn can build, expand and grow!!

They have gotten together along with The Michigan Economic Development Corporation to present a seminar happening June 7th at Verdoni's Event Center on Seminole Road in Norton Shores.  They will have partnering agencies there.  There will be some light refreshment and a chance for you to hear from Muskegon BRT Partners, and more importantly, network with them to see what resources you could use to help better your situation!  The event is free of charge, but does have some limited seating.  I had a chance to meet up with Ed Garner at the Muskegon Area First office to talk about the event and learn a little more.  Take a listen!

If it sounds like Muskegon wants you to succeed, you would be correct.  The first step is always the idea, but the implementation of the idea is where Muskegon Area First comes in and with their new BRT you will be sure to have people behind you who want to see your success add to the greatness of everything here in Muskegon.  If you'd like a reservation to the breakfast seminar on June 7th, click on the logo below and join in!  Muskegon is a better place because of YOU!

Reserve Your Spot for June 7th

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