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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Relay For Life Muskegon June 3-4. 24 Hours of Hope!

If you don't know someone who's been touched by were probably born yesterday.  To think that in 2016 we somehow can't find a cure to things like cancer?  I am sure it an ever evolving and mutating thing, but come on....the best we can do is treat it?  Well, ok....we'll roll up the sleeves and do just that.....and we'll win!

Getting to be about that time again.  The Spring season is in full swing and people are dusting off their sneakers for some walking to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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Relay for Life Muskegon will be taking place at Mona Shores Track and Field from 2pm June 3rd till 2pm June 4th.  24 hours of hitting the pavement to raise a few buck to help the American Cancer Society provide the work they do.

Is it just walking?  No, not really.  They have a lot of fun and exciting "side events" going on to accompany the walk.  There will be a silent auction, a survivor ceremony, luminaries launched and more!  Some games to accompany the event as well.  I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Kasey Spofford this morning to talk a little about the event and how you can help, or maybe....participate! Take a listen to our chat below!

Hey, it's a big deal to do your part!  Pitch in!  If you 're not all about fighting cancer, that's ok, there's gotta be something you're passionate about?  Right?  Just like Kasey and her friends here are going to complete this walk to benefit the American Cancer Society, you can make things happen too!  If you are passionate about fighting cancer like Kasey and her friends here....come on out June 3rd and 4th!

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