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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We Welcome The Muskegon Health Project to Positively Muskegon!

It's always an occasion when a new sponsor comes on board Positively Muskegon!  Especially when that new sponsor is an incredibly powerful organization who can help those in need of health care and services.  We welcome the Health Project a community benefit ministry of Mercy Health!

What will you find at the Health Project?  Well, the services are widespread for health access, health disparities chronic disease, health education and prevention and wellness!  Whew!  They are busy!

Find the Muskegon Health Project on Facbook

I invited Stevi Riel, the Executive Director of the Health Project in to say thanks and talk a little about the work that goes on in the community to help connect people with health care options as well as information to help them lead a healthier life style.  There is a lot of work that goes on.  take a listen to the interview and see if their services can help you or someone you know!

It's not hard to find if you need a hand in Muskegon if you take a second to look.  A GREAT first stop for health care options and information is the Muskegon Health Project.  Click on their link below to get started!  You'll find valuable resources, kind people who want to help you and you might even make a friend or two along the way!

Our most sincere thanks to the Muskegon Health Project for their support of Positively Muskegon!!

Mercy Health Muskegon Health Project Online

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