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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet Lee Grasmeyer - Candidate for Sheriff of Muskegon County

One of the keys to Positively Muskegon is to give a fair chance to anyone who's seeking office to introduce themselves and let you know what's important to them and why they are seeking office.  It's an open invite to candidates and if they choose to come on and share their viewpoints.

Lee Grasmeyer is in the hunt for the Sheriff's office in Muskegon County.  Lee runs Grasmeyer Guns up on 120 near Twin Lake and is the second candidate to take us up on the offer.  Lee is a retired US Marine!

Candidate for Sheriff Lee Grasmeyer

Grasmeyer Guns has a great selection of guns, offers classes in gun safety, archery and has certified instructors for all things that shoot!  You'll also find Grasmeyer Motorsports with a nice selection of off road vehicles.  But we're not here to sell guns or toys... let's meet Lee and see where his views are on our community and what needs to be done to improve life for all of us!  Have a listen to the chat below!

The stakes are high and it's going to be a tough run for all 6 candidates for the office of Sheriff in Muskegon this year.  If you'd like to keep up with Lee's campaign, you can click on the link below and follow the campaign as it progresses.  Many thanks to Lee for taking a few minutes out of his day to talk about what he is running on!  Our best to all of the candidates!

Grasmeyer Campaign on Facebook

They have a pretty cool gun shop too!  Take a look at the Grasmeyer Guns page!

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