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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Think Hockey Season in Over in Muskegon? Guess Again!! Guns and Hoses Game Scheduled for April 16th

The assumption is the Lumberjacks have wrapped up the 2016 season and that if the Red Wings can hang on, we might just get a couple more hockey games until the season becomes history and as a true hockey town....we wait again till fall when the leaves change and the snow flies.

Well, wait just a minute.  We've got one more game to hit on April 16th and it's an important one!  Muskegon "Guns and Hoses" will be hosting their big benefit game at Lakeshore Sports Center and as always, it's for a great cause!

Guns and Hoses?  No, it's not the latest rock band trying to make a money run on tour.  Guns and Hoses are a group of police and fire fighters who have been playing against each other since 2002 when Jon Baker of the Muskegon PD asked Todd Rake of the Muskegon FD if he thought a charity hockey game sounded like a good time.  Muskegon's Guns and Hoses was born!!

Muskegon Guns and Hoses on Facebook!  Give them a like!
Not only was it a chance to benefit some awesome causes, but it was also a community outreach to show people that there is another side to police and fire fighters.  They are humans too and enjoy being out of uniform when they meet people as often times, when they are needed the situation is pretty stressful.

Lacey Koens is the President of Muskegon Guns and Hoses now and she came in today with Chris Wilks to talk a little about the evolution of the game, the team and the people they have helped with their fun and competitive rivalry.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Head out for that one hockey game of the season and help these local hero's do a good turn for Kayla and Aaliyah.  This is an amazing group of police officers and fire fighters who put themselves on the line for us daily!  Just part of what makes Muskegon such a great place!  You'll find a link to the Guns and Hoses webpage below!

Visit Muskegon Guns and Hoses Online

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