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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Center in North Muskegon - New Location New Services - Same Mission

When we first got going with the Positively Muskegon blog, I stopped by The Center to meet Rev. Robert Teszlewicz at his location in Muskegon Heights.  The Center offers a safe environment for people for a number of groups that may have no other place to turn for support.

Since then, The Center has moved it's location to North Muskegon, right by the 4 Corners and they have also increased their footprint when it comes to being a great place to meet for all kinds of groups.

You'll find support for alcoholism and addiction.  Maybe a group for pregnant teens and parents.  grief and loss support, LGBT support groups and more!  I am a very big proponent of groups who share the same issues.  It's important for anyone who struggles with what some would consider a "social taboo".  The reality is just humans, we're all pretty much wired the same and if you can hear first hand from those who share your struggles, it makes life much easier and give you the ability to accept the circumstances and go about your life.

Recently, The Center has taken a leading in the role in the crusade against bullying and sadly, teen suicide.  Rev Robert Teszlewicz invited us back to talk about the new location.  The urgent need to get more people in the fight to combat bullying and some of the services offered both at The Center and services offered as an outreach to schools, churches and organizations.  Take a listen to the interview below!

A safe place!  Away from the stress of today where people fee accepted and part of something greater than "self".  It's also a great place to see that the power of people can be the best part of recovery, acceptance and a better community.  To learn more you can stop in to The Center or click on the link below to follow The Center on Facebook!

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