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Sunday, April 3, 2016

70x7 Life Recovery in Muskegon

Mistakes are made and sometimes they are big enough mistakes that people have to pay their debt to society with jail time.

Thing is, often times if a sentence is a long one, incarcerated people get out and have no where to turn and the adjustment back into society is a very difficult hurdle for former inmates.

Let's introduce you to 70x7 of Muskegon and get you familiar with their life changing work to help people.

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I met with Drew Mann and Nathan Johnson who are part of this expansion from the original group in Holland.  He talks a little about the programs mission, the mentoring, the job based re-entry and services designed to even get felons back to work so they can have a fair chance to find employment.  Take a listen to the chat below!

Amazing work!  Forgiveness is important to all of our lives.  The hope is that during a prison stay, people are able to get the help they need to move on to a productive and regular life and if 70X7 has anything to say about it....they will.  For more information, click on the photo below to visit the 70X7 of Muskegon Website.

70x7 Muskegon Online


  1. Andy O'Riley:Thanks for coming by to interview 70 x 7 ministries at Kingdom Life Church along with Andrew and Nathan.