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Saturday, April 23, 2016

D-Day Plus 72 Event Happening May 21st at the LST 393 with Rolling Thunder

It's hard to believe that it's been 72 years since D-Day.  The day Allied Forces hit the beach head to take Europe back from The Third Reich.  It was a day that defined the "Greatest Generation" to say the very least.  Today, most will only experience the feeling of what it was like to land on those beaches or behind the enemy lines with an air drop by seeing a movie of it.  If you have not seen "Saving Private Ryan", the first 27 minutes is pretty telling.

Muskegon D-Day on Facebook

Flash forward 72 years now and while warfare isn't exactly what it was then, people today still need to understand the sacrifices made and need to make sure the world never faces a tyrant like we fought all those years ago.  D-Day Plus 72 aims to offer an observance of the occasion at one of the ships that actually participated in the D-Day Landing the LST 393 presented by Rolling Thunder Chapter 4.

You'll find WWII reenactments, free tours of the LST 393, a car and motorcycle show and more.  It's a living history presentation and free to the public on May 21st from 11am-10pm

Chris Johnson and David Johnson stopped by today to talk a little about the event and how they had the idea to honor such an occasion and why it's important to them.  Take a listen to our chat below.

The importance of remembering such an event as D-Day cannot be forgotten.  The horror or it, the reason it happened and more.  People coming together to remember an occasion and the sacrifices from a generation the magnitude of which we may never see again.  Make sure your kids have the chance to see D-Day Plus 72 first hand.  You can link to their Facebook Event Page below.

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