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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Muskegon - We Have a 2 Time Olympian! Meet Grandioso From Hampton Green Farm in Fruitport

Like any true athlete coming up on a competition, our very own Olympian Grandioso is currently in training in Spain, but Kim Boyer of the Hampton Green Farm was happy to spend a few minutes talking about the work and detail that goes into championship horses.

You've never heard of Hampton Green Farm?  Well, sit on back a spell and let me tell you a little more.

Hampton Green Farm Fruitport
Hampton Green Farm is out in Fruitport and they breed championship PRE Horses for dressage!  You don't know what a PRE horse is?  Or dressage?  Ok.  Crash course.  PRE Horses are pure bloodline horses from Spain.  Their lineage goes back thousands of years.  Dressage is considered the highest expression of horse training where the horse and rider are expected to perform a series of predetermined movements from memory.


Locally the Hampton Green Farm operates an outreach to are non profits all Summer long giving them a place to host fundraisers as well as treat their guests to a small show, and some history of the sport and a show for their guests.  I was first a guest at the farm to emcee one of the benefits and then, was invited back for the first Chef Prize event which will be returning this fall.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Right now, meet Kim Boyer and learn a little more about our own Olympian Grandioso and when the world focuses it's eyes on can feel a little more close to the action knowing one of our own is there competing.  Have a listen to out chat below!

What an amazing place.  What an amazing team and what an amazing chance to cover a story like this. To know that we've got a tie to the Olympics is cool in my honest opinion.  To know that a place like Hampton Green Farm is us a presence on a world stage...all while making sure the area is given an outstanding place to be proud of and you raise a buck or two in the process...we're pretty lucky to have Hampton Green Farm.  To follow the forum Kim spoke of please, click on the logo below and follow our Olympian Grandioso

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