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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Christmas in July? Sure! The Salvation Army and E&A Grocery Will Be Ringing Bells

It's a gimmick as old as time...Christmas in July, but when it's for a great cause as well as bringing some people together to shop at a great little grocery chain....there's nothing wrong with sticking with an old stand by!  The Salvation Army is seen by thousands all through the holiday hear the bells, you get greeted at doors and the spare change keeps adding up to help the Salvation Army with their year round programs.

Learn More at the Salvation Army Website
Salvation Army programs that help keep people fed, kids in activities that prevent them from getting in trouble and the assistance of the day to day needs of our community.  The need is constant and the sound of the bells will be popping up at E&A Grocery stores all around Muskegon!

You 'll hear the bells, you'll see who's out helping and you'll be a part of the solution. Let's take care of each other!! Preferred Chrysler is on board, the members of Guns N Hoses hockey will be battling it out on July 23rd so the police or the fire could be walking away with the honors for bell ringing....

II had a chance to catch up with Robin Henshaw of the Salvation Army of Muskegon as well as Lacey Koens of the Guns n Hoses hockey teams to talk a little about the events and ways you can help all through July.  Take a listen to out chat below!!

Thanks to Robin and Lacey for the few minutes and thanks too to E&A Grocery for their help in making sure the Salvation Army of Muskegon can keep up their work on helping those in Muskegon who need a hand.  Click on the E&A logo below to visit their website!!

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