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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Meet David L Tague - Candidate for Sheriff in Muskegon County

Our people running for office in Muskegon deserve to have a few more minutes to tell you why they are running and how they intend to make Muskegon a better place.  We purposely opened the blog up to those running for election in Muskegon because the belief is...if they are willing to lead, they deserve a platform to give you a chance to get to know them.  Plain and simple.

We've talked to a lot of candidates...and as far as I know, this is the last candidate for Sheriff in Muskegon County.

Meet David L Tague - David retired from the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department in 2011 after 30 years and has a background ranging from the State Prison of Southern Michigan all the way up to his current position, graduating with a criminal justice degree in 1990 from GVSU.

David L Tague

David is promising real leadership based on integrity and honesty and he's also out to work for the tax payers of Muskegon stating that he thinks the "extravagant spending" in Muskegon County is a burden on the tax payers.  He stated in an email that he want's people to know..."when he says it, it will get done."

He's offering a specific list of thoughts on how he intends to implement cost saving measures.  I thought it would be best for David to tell you himself as to what he thinks needs to be done.  Have a listen to our interview below.

As you can see, David has a very specific list of items he'd like to address.  It's been a pleasure to meet David and like all candidates....he's reminding you to get out and vote August 2nd in the primary election.  If you'd like to connect with David you can follow him on Facebook by clicking on the image below!

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