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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Visit to 70x7 - This Time - It's Basketball

Not long ago, we introduced you to 70x7 here in Muskegon.  70x7 is a reference from the Bible about forgiveness and the organization with that title in Muskegon works to help re-acclimate prisoners back into society so once their time is up...they are able to assimilate back into society and leave behind the ways they once knew and go on to happy and productive lives.   It's a program based on forgiveness.

Well, as the program continues...the program grows.  70x7 is happy to introduce the "I Am Basketball League"

70x7 Muskegon
Kids will be able to participate in the league...and there are some big guns coming to help.  Names like Dale Osbourne from the Portland Trail Blazers, and Chris Kamen of the Trail Blazers as well.   It's a big schedule.  It's a great way to give kids some guidance and fun in the meantime.

Yosef Johnson and Joe Kelm had the idea for the camp and I invited Nate Johnson back as well as 70X7 will be hosting a great event pitting law enforcement against former inmates in a benefit game of hoops!  It all gets underway July 30th with a 3 point shoot out, dunk contest and then the Police vs. Parolees game at 7 followed by the Grand Rapids All Stars taking on the I Am Basketball League All Stars!  That's a lot of hoops for a great cause.  Take a listen to our chat below.

It's awesome to see more people doing what they can to help our youth.  Let's keep them fit, busy and focused!  If want to participate see the full schedule of events and people you can click on the photo below to learn more!

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