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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Joe Ferrier - Candidate for Drain Commissioner in Muskegon County

I am going to be the very first to admit....I have NO idea what a Drain Commissioner does....why they do what they do....or anything about the position.  I know this's an elected position, and with all of our candidates in Muskegon this year, we've opened the floor to them to share what drives them to want to take a role in the community to make it better for all.  It's important that you get more than a couple words or newspaper clipping about let's meet another one.

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Joe Ferrier is seen around town a lot and...he's an affable gent who goes out of his way to come over and say hi when he can.  For 15+ years he's been with All Star Flood Control and from a quick glance at his campaign website...he's passionate about all things Muskegon when it comes to rivers, streams and water management.  He's promising to use local labor to improve infrastructure, save tax payers money.  His approach seems to be one of engagement and community action.  He's also planning on making his office do more should he be elected.  Optimizing software to quickly identify flood areas, produce a master map of all drains and locate watershed districts that may qualify for state or federal money!

Joe took a couple minutes out off the campaign trail to talk with me, and introduce himself to you so when August 2nd comes around, hopefully...he'll have earned your vote.  Take a listen to our chat below.

VOTE!  It's been the theme leading up to the August 2nd primary coming up.  Be an informed voter and known the candidates!  Thanks so very much to Joe for coming by to not only talk about why he's seeking the Drain Commissioner job...but what a Drain Commissioner does!  If you'd like to know more about Joe, click on his campaign billboard below!

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