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Monday, July 18, 2016

Macker Weekend Comes to Muskegon July 23rd-24th

The Gus Macker name is synonymous with West Michigan.

The "all inclusive" basketball tournament got it's start in Lowell of all places..started way back in 1974 and the popularity of the 3 on 3 format soon proved to be something that could be packed up...moved around and really, take over the streets in any city for teams and friends to compete and breathe a little life into neighborhoods with a fun, family event.

Muskegon Macker on Facebook
Today...Gus Macker tournaments are found all over Michigan of course.  You'll find them in'll find them in South Dakota and this weekend you'll find them in Muskegon!  Downtown will be filled with dribbling....dunking....bricks and picks...and you're invited to come back downtown again and enjoy all that Muskegon has to offer.

I was able to catch up with Ellen Berrends of Downtown Muskegon and David Fox of Dream Lucid to talk a little about the tournament and what we can expect Downtown Muskegon this weekend when the streets become the hard court and we are treated to a great weekend of hoops and fun!  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's a great time and it's a great way to keep our kids off the streets and if that's not's a great way to welcome more people to Muskegon to see all that we have to offer, see and do!  If you're looking for a way to be a part of the action, come on Downtown Muskegon for the Macker tournament.  You can click on the photo below to learn more about Gus Macker Basketball!  Stay tuned as well to learn more about Dream Lucid

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