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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Read Positively Muskegon - Win a Trip! Kristen Abair of Muskegon Did!

To launch a new blog seems simple enough.  You hope to be able to tell some stories, attract an audience and you hope too that maybe someone sees the value in what you are doing and why.   I have been pretty fortunate to have the backing of over 80,000 readers so far with Positively Muskegon.  Even more fortunate that some advertisers see that it's a good investment to talk to Muskegon about their products and services on a sought out platform.  Yep..people actually ask for PM!  :)

Dianne Hoofman at the Muskegon County Airport saw the value and also decided that Positively Muskegon could be much more than a banner ad!  She saw the chance to give someone in Muskegon a nice gift of a trip to Chicago aboard a United Airlines flight and the Shoreline Inn of Muskegon got in on the fun with a stay for the winner at a partner hotel in Chicago!  So....we ran a contest!

During June, if you entered to win by just submitting your email you were in the hunt.  What can an occasional email about great deals at the Muskegon County Airport hurt right?  Well, of the nearly 1000 people who registered, a random number was picked....210 and the 210th entry was Kristen Abair!

We caught up with Kristen at the Muskegon County Airport as she claimed her prize!  She and husband Paul will be on their way to Chi-town courtesy of the Muskegon County Airport and United!

Dianne Hoofman Presenting the Trip to Kristen and Paul Abair

Our sincere thanks to Dianne and everyone at the Muskegon County Airport for the trip.....but thank too for seeing the value in the readers of Positively Muskegon.  If ever you are taking a trip, check Muskegon first for rates and deals!  The time you save on getting to and from the airport, paying for parking or a hotel somewhere before you leave will end up saving you money too if you fly out of Muskegon!!  Here's a link to their page... always check Muskegon before you fly!

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