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Friday, July 1, 2016

Meet Paula Baker Mathes - Candidate for District Court Judge in Muskegon

A big part of the idea behind Positively Muskegon is to shine a light on things that are good in Muskegon, and the people in Muskegon who raise their hand up and say "I want to be a part of it."  We've opened the blog up to local candidates to come on and tell their story about why they are seeking office or a bench.

We're asking all of them to take the neighborly approach and just talk to you about what sets them apart from the rest and why they would like you to vote for them.  If not voting for least voting.....have a say in your community no matter what you think of the political process.

Paula Baker Mathes is running for 60th District Court in Muskegon in 2016.  Paula has seen the courts from both sides of the fence.  Working for the Muskegon County Prosecutors office as well as the Public Defenders office in her years of practicing law.  One of her key points on her website is maintaining Sobriety Court in Muskegon.  She's also promising fair, impartial and just consideration to anyone before her bench if elected.

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Paula lives in Laketon Township and keeps plenty of things going in her "spare time" being on the Women's Division of Chamber of  Commerce,  The Muskegon County Bar Association, Reeths-Puffer Elementary PTO,  Big Brothers Big Sisters Lunch Buddy Program and more.  20 years in the criminal courts and working for clients on things like divorce, child neglect and abuse, personal protection, drunk driving and more.  Paula feels poised to take on a very challenging role in the court system in District Court.  Take a listen to her thoughts in our interview below!  We did have a small incident with the camera tripod, the edit you see is because it tipped on me.  Paula was kind enough, and busy enough to allow the edit

We wish the best to Paula and all of our local candidates.   We're grateful they see the value in communicating one on one with the viewers of this blog and that they too...have an asset to get the word out of why they want to be elected!  To visit Paula's complete website, click on the photo below to learn more.

Paula Baker Mathes Website

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