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Monday, June 20, 2016

Groovy - Cool - And RETRO! The Retro Expo in Muskegon!

We push.  We're proud to help spread the word about good things happening.  Good people making them happen and new ways to welcome people to Muskegon so they can see that we truly are a community worth visiting, moving to or just being part of the offerings....we're here to showcase, promote and applaud!  There are incredible things going on in every direction in Muskegon and it's a great feeling.

While we're doing our's those who do the things that bring them in who deserve a pat on the back!

Alison Updyke
Take for instance local blogger, photographer and freelancer Alison Updyke.  She writes, she snaps pictures and last year she decided to take all of her uber hipness and turn it into an event.  An event that not only caught people off guard when it comes to something truly unique and cool, it was so big that it tuned into a once a month reason to yet again, come to Downtown Muskegon and say "wow....i didn't know things like this went on in Muskegon.  Well, they do....and do they ever!

The Retro Expo is a flea market....if you want to call it that.  You could call it an artisan show, you could call it an antique could call it a hang out....but undeniably it's an amazing display of things that make you feel like "the good old days" are here again and you might even find that item that you've long lost to the years passing by, maybe it was something you always wanted as a kid and never got one, or maybe it's an item that you want to hang up in your house for the unique memory it holds!  Vintage clothing?  You can look like you just walked out of the Woodstock Festival if you like...or maybe you long for some 80's short shorts?  You'll find them!

I invited Alison on to talk about the Retro Expo at the Muskegon Farmers Market happening on the last Sunday of the month until September.  Take a listen to the chat and find out what makes her tick!

Truth be told, Alison was part of the inspiration for Positively Muskegon.  After attending one of her Retro Expos last year, I walked away and said to myself - "There is a great example of someone who just said I am jumping in with both feet and doing it myself".  She was right....I was soon to follow with the same mindset when it comes to telling Muskegon's story!  Thanks for the inspiration Alison and your dedication to making Muskegon a great place...with a LOT of cool things!  If you'd like to view her webpage, click on the image below.

Retro Expo Online

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