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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Grand Opening - In Muskegon! Welcome to Lighthouse Property Management

It was way back in January....before we had any sponsors, not many readers....a growing Facebook group and the idea was still coming to focus about what Positively Muskegon would be.

Would it last?  Would the idea catch on?  Would Muskegon bite on something that wasn't gloom and doom?  Would anyone outside of Muskegon take the time to see that there is more here than what you see, if only you look past the headlines?

I got an instant message from Kathy Adrianse asking if I had time for a meeting.  She was calling from Grand Rapids and wanted to ask someone about the real story in Muskegon.  We met at Cherokee....I kind expected just Kathy and maybe another person, but the table was full.  Full of people who wanted to know just what Muskegon was all about.  I was honest....I said there are some problem areas, there are some issues but over all, this is a great community that will not quit!  They don't give up, they keep swinging and there is a true wave coming.....a groundswell of new belief, new hope and new outlooks.  They left the meeting with the comment "We're getting to work"

Kathy Adrianse
Here we are 6 months later, and Lighthouse Property Management is set to open their new Muskegon headquarters!  1259 Peck Street is the location....and at that address, you'll find people who truly see the value in this community, the people in it and the future in front of us!  A company that's willing to invest in homes...make them great again and get people in them at fair market prices.  Kathy Adrianse cam back to join me to talk about the last 6 months work and the next phase of their belief in that they are a member of the community as well.  Take a listen!

It's not just Muskegon people that can feel the great things about to happen here.  We've taken it a little harder than most when the economy took the dump it did....but we are resilient...we are strong and we are not going to stop.  Welcoming in a company that sees the future....sees the value and sees that smart money is spent in Muskegon.....we're all about that on Positively Muskegon.  I guess we have been for a while now.   Click on the link below to learn more about Lighthouse Property Management.


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