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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Broadway Boot Camp - Give Your Kids a Summer to Remember

Your kids are probably driving you nuts already.  Welcome to Summer. :)  There are a lot of things going on for everyone all Summer, but kids seem to find ways to get bored when they are out of school and missing that "structure" of the day to day.  Not to mention, they might get a little lapse in what they have learned due to inactivity of their brain!  Not to say that day' and days of snap chats and video games are not mind numbing.

What if you knew of an outlet that would allow the young people in your life a chance to get of the "box" and on to a stage?  A place where new friendships can be made and possibly a spark ignited in your kid to try out acting?   Something to get them off the couch....their mind working and a confidence building experience where all that imagination in there gets put to work to see that all of the story, work and skill that goes into movies, games, play's and more is really where the fun is!

There's an international twist to all this too!  I was fist contacted by Jacqui Bernhardt who was studying theater in England!  She's from Muskegon but has been studying abroad over at the Bath Spa University in England.  She's been following the blog from over there a while and asked that as soon as she got off the plane....could we sit down and talk about this unique and fun Summer camp for kids and since she's flown all this way....let's do it!  Hear our chat below.

The thought of getting kids more involved in the arts, is a great idea to me.  In a world where a young mind is subject to the never ending onslaught of news, data, games and peer give them a structured break to try something new is important.  The opportunity for them to be a part of a team working together to put on a show is also a life long skill that can't be taken away.  Not every kid is a scholar athlete, not every kid is the next Steven Hawking but, every kid has an imagination and once it's lit....look out.  Thanks to Jacqui for coming on to talk about her passion for acting.  You can link to their Facebook at the link below!

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