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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Watch Muskegon Shifts Gears a Little - This is Muskegon

Watch Us Go!!  We've been watching and it's going!!!   All signs point to the fact we're going in the right direction and fast!

It's been an amazing Summer season in Muskegon. From the St. Patrick's Day Rebel Road and Biketime, The Lakeshore Art Festival then Burningfoot and Michigan Irish Music Festival to name a few....the Muskegon Summer season has to be seen as a hit!  People came from far and wide to enjoy all that is Muskegon!

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We were glad to have them too!  The influx of people to the area looking for things to see and do, places to eat, attractions to look at or participate in is the life blood of the newly emerging image of Muskegon.  All over West Michigan and beyond, "Watch Muskegon" has been the battle cry.  It's not fallen on deaf ears either!  They are watching and we are grateful.  It's not been by mistake that they have been "watching".  It's been a combined effort by a LOT of people to gather some attention that sheds a little different light on us that what's been the mindset.  Well, now that we have their's time to show them the rest of the story!

This is Muskegon!  This is Muskegon is the next phase of the plan!  Living here, we are often forgetful of just how many things we have that are completely amazing!  It's not really anyone's fault that what we see on a daily basis is just "part of town" but to visitors what we have to offer is spectacular!  The maritime attractions....the wilderness, last time I checked we had a beach or two that rank on world destination maps.  We have fairs, festivals, community gatherings....our Downtown is reemerging to be a serious destination for food and drink, and in all honesty... a few thanks to Pokemon Go have young people walking all over an area of Muskegon that was once left for dead.  The Farmers Market has become exactly what it was expected to be and that's a city center serving multipurpose roles for people to congregate and be together!  It's an AMAZING time to be part of Muskegon.
Watch Us Go Online.

With the's time to find out a little more about "This Is Muskegon".  How can we all get behind the push and help show the rest of the world all the things that make home such a wonderful place?  The woman with the answers?  Carla Flanders the Watch Muskegon Administrator and employee of the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce joined me to talk a little more about #ThisIsMuskegon, take a listen to our interview below.  It looks a little blurry and that's my bad....I am "new" to this camera.  Two demerits for Andy

There you have it!  It's as simple as taking some things we see every day and sharing them with your social media friends!  Use the has tag #ThisIsMuskegon  If you get a nice picture of the LST or Silversides, add the hash tag!  Beautiful sunset, hash tag.  A fun gathering or important remembrance....hash tag it and help spread the word!  The tide coming is real.  We are poised for the beginnings of the next era of greatness in Muskegon and it's an all hands on deck effort to help spread the word!!  It's a showing of a little community pride and it's contagious!  The more you share it..the more will come to believe our best days are yet to come!

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Inspirational Talk October 13th at the Frauenthal Center

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