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Sunday, September 4, 2016

OPA!! Celebrate the Pilaf Dinner at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Norton Shores September 11th

With a wife that works in Fruitport, we spend a little time going up and down Pontaluna.  To and from work, or to and from school functions we use the road a lot and if you have not noticed...the bridge construction over 31 is finished and it's a LOT wider and easier to cross.  This isn't a blog about traffic's about a spot on Pontaluna that I've always wanted to stop into....but only got the chance now!

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The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is holding their annual Pilaf dinner September 11th from 11-5 and you're invited!  You can enjoy authentic Greek Food, Traditional Greek dancing, a baked good sale and more.  It's a great little event, like many other churches put on, but since I was invited to come tell the story..I thought I'd share a little something with you.

You may or may not know that I spent 12 years in Catholic schools.  There is a lot of religion taught in that time.  You get to learn more about different religions than you'd think and the Greek Orthodox religion always fascinated me, along with the people.  The church itself was founded by the Apostles in the first century AD and still maintain many of the practices established in this ancient religion today.  The don't have a "Pope" as a leader, however thy see Jesus Christ as the head of their church and they are governed by a small collection of Bishops called The Holy Synod.  Worldwide there are about 23-24 million Greek Orthodox church members and 50% of them are in Greece!

It's going to be a fun, and colorful event.  The dancing is amazing...the food is delicious and if you've never been exposed to Greek people...let me tell you.  They are hearty....they are fun....and they are very kind from my past experience.  They are strong in family, faith and food!  I was invited by Ken Hoopes who's a member of the church and his law firm, Ladas Hoopes and McNeill  is a sponsor of the Positively Muskegon blog so I couldn't turn down the chance to stop in and see the church for myself and meet some of the awesome people who are parishioners. Ken introduced me to Father James Honeycutt and Paul and Pat Ladas who join me to share the story. Take a listen to our interview below.

You're going to love it for the food and you're going to love it for the atmosphere!  Make sure you take a couple minutes out to stop by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church September 11th and enjoy the experience!  Thanks to Ken for inviting me out.  To learn more about the church click on their logo below!

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