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Friday, September 2, 2016

Muskegon - How Bout a Hug? Get One This Weekend at the Muskegon Farmers Market

You's a world of accusations....jaded thoughts....polarized views and news fueled by whatever the controversy du jour  is.  We're all quick to judge...quick to assume and overly eager to jump at the chance to stand our ground....fight for a cause....and quite honestly, it's getting tiresome.

How bout an event where all of that can take a break for a few seconds and peace can be attained by just a simple human touch?

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Well, Saturday September 3rd in Muskegon at the Muskegon Farmers Market is "Free Hugs For Peace".  Yes, there will be complimentary hugs given out to those who would like to experience just how powerful a hug can be.

I saw the event floating around Facebook and looked a little further into it.  The goal of the event?  "Hugging each other, heart on heart is a very strong way to give a peace sign and to reject racism fear and hate of a stranger" according to the event page on Facebook.  They go on to say that "By offering free hugs, you offer just a moment of unconditional love to others without asking anything in return"  Can you think of a more affordable way to simply give than a free hug?  Of course might very well get hugged back and THAT is the pay off! get what you give!

There are all kinds of hugs, but one from a stranger?  Well, you might have to exit your comfort zone just a little.  It might be a big hug, might be a "bro hug" it might just be a "hug it out" moment might just see that the touch of another human is a little deeper than that.  It's a quick path to see that we're all pretty interconnected .

This seemed like a good with the lightning quick powers I have as a blogger and all around promoter of good will and joy....I took action and got Jessica NeCamp on the line to tell us more about this awesome idea and how it came about!  Unfortunately, a stomach bug sidelined Jessica and she couldn't make it to come in to chat. So...consider this your invite to be hugged at the Farmers Market tomorrow!

Give a hug!  Get a hug!  For all the guff we get in's time to show the rest of the world that we truly care..we truly know how to make the world a better place and that the simple act of a hug.  Step right up and get yours Muskegon!  If you'd like to know on the photo below to go to the event page and learn more about the hug you will hopefully soon be getting in Muskegon.

Free Hugs for Peace in Muskegon

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