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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trinkets and Treasures Sale This Weekend in Muskegon at the Folkert Community Hub

Think of it as American Pickers meets a neighborhood block sale.  The Trinkets and Treasures sale is set to happen this weekend at the Folkert Community Hub on Seminole Road and it's one giant opportunity to benefit some pretty awesome causes that haven been hand picked by The Women's Division Chamber of Commerce.  It's a giant indoor yard sale and you'll find a little bit of everything in there.

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Who's the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce?  They are a group of women founded in in 1951.  They have been working for the good of the community for 65 years and have grown from the original 50 to well over 250 members now.  The help host events and raise funds to benefit the greatest good and the Trinkets and Treasures sale is on of those events!

You'll find gently used clothing, furniture, household items...some vintage items, sporting goods, electronics...basically, anything you'd find in an average garage sale, but all of these items have been donated to be sold to help out The Father Jack Foundation, Flyin' Heroes and Tempting Tables.  We'll find out a little more about the charities in the video!

Trinkets and Treasures Event

The idea is this...if you need to save some money on clothing, it's all here.  If you are keen when it comes to finding items that are bargain priced and you can turn them around...they are here.  If you need something and don't want to pay full price....chances's here.  The guy at the Folkert Community Hub is MASSIVE and it's filled up and ready to go with bargains galore!

Back to the beneficiaries.....I had a chance to catch up with JoAnne Hoekenga and Kathy Viculis who are the co chairs of this event to find out more about the groups who are going to benefit and maybe even some details on some of the items you'll find!  Take a listen to our interview below!!

Help these women continue their great work and snag yourself a deal at the same time!  The Women's Division Chamber of Commerce puts on so many awesome activities in Muskegon it's hard to count them all.  From Dancing With the Local Stars to Downtown Dancing at the Muskegon Farmers Market their impact is real and their work is always for the betterment of the community.  If you'd like to know more about the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce click on their logo below!!

WDCC Online

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