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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Safe Harbor Christian Ministries - A New Center in Muskegon

He doesn't let bumps in the road stop him.  No getting past the fact that Rev. Robert Teszlewicz is resilient when it comes to Muskegon and taking care of the people in it.  We first met the Reverend when he opened "The Center" in Muskegon Heights and then we followed him to the location in North Muskegon and now, Laketon Avenue is the place of his new outreach, and hopefully the last of his renting a moving truck for a while.

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Safe Harbor Christian Ministries offers programs and presentations about anti bullying, suicide prevention and intervention, pregnant teens, teen parents and youth life plans.  The also strive to offer a place that people can be a part of a group that won't judge, bully or otherwise make people feel uncomfortable.  Our world is increasingly jaded and opinion is often spread without thought to consequence and if you have to deal with that along with trying to find your way in life while growing's an awful lot to bear.

The new location on Laketon offers spaces for meeting as a group, game nights for people and hopefully will become a true resource for anyone who'd like to take advantage of their offerings or better yet...offer some help to those who are dealing with such problems.  You can be a dance instructor, a tutor, life planning, esteem building....are you seeing the theme?  If you'd like to help build people up...or if you need a hand, we try and find the resources for ya!

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Essentially, the message is that there are people here for you in Muskegon that are willing to be a source for respite, advise and help if you are struggling. Sure, teens often find this kind of thing much more prominent in their lives, but there are those who have been there before and want to help...and for those looking for a hand, there are places that won't be judgmental.  It helps build a safety net in the community when people know there are trusted places for them to build a network of support.

I got caught up with the good Rev. once again to hear the story and more over, find out what drives him through some of the bumps in the road.  Take a listen to our chat below.

It's out third visit with Rev. Robert Teszlewicz at his third place in a year.  I think it's pretty safe to say his commitment to the people of Muskegon and areas surrounding is steadfast and he's doing all he can to help address some of the issues society and young people face today.  Like to take a second to thank Rev. Robert for inviting us back and if you'd like to know more, you can visit their website below for some of the different things offered at Safe Harbor Christian Ministries.

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