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Monday, January 25, 2016

Watch Muskegon Go PINK in February!!

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It's a remarkable thing to watch, Muskegon coming together to help a friend, a neighbor, a church function or just the greater good!  In February when things are usually a little more quiet than normal, Muskegon is going to come alive in just about every way possible to accomplish one task!  To help Susan G. Komen and their tireless work for women's health, breast cancer awareness and treatment and the measure it takes to educate everyone about the need for proper care!

We've all been effected by cancer in some way.  We've all had to struggle to cope, we've felt the loss and we all still wonder why.  Until there is an answer, we'll have to keep education and early detection forefront and when treatment is in order, we'll have to be there for our friends and loved ones the best we can.
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February of 2016 will be FILLED with events designed to support Susan G Komen as well as get you out of the house for some fun, some food, and some learning.   I stopped in to see Diana DeJong at the Shoreline Inn and Confrence Center today.  Diana has taken a leading role in the Watch Muskegon Go Pink activities in February.  Click on the video to learn a little more!

You might be all about Watch Muskegon Go and to Watch Muskegon Go Pink is a tremendous cause and something to be very proud of being a part of because even if it's just a dinner out or a day at the Muskegon Luge and Winter Sports did your part for the greater good!

Click below to go to the official page of Watch Muskegon Go Pink!

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