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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet Angie Murar and Operation Donation Chemo Survival Kits

And then one find out you have cancer.

So was the story of Angie Murar from Muskegon who was diagnosed at 34 and faces months of chemo, radiation and surgery including a double mastectomy.  At 34. Imagine that.

Angie Murar

Like so many others, Angie found out that the struggle was just going to begin, but early on in her treatment she took a stance.  She made up her mind that an important part of treatment is attitude along with the hospital stuff.  Angie's journey was not on her own but she did see some who had to face the long days of treatment with no one to lean on and she took action!

Operation Donation - Donation Driven Chemo Survival Kits was born so that no matter who's facing treatment will know a couple of things.  One, they are not alone.  An entire group of people whi are fighting, have fought and understand what they are going thru and what they really need to get by on those treatments.  It's also the beginnings of a new cancer support group that welcomes anyone with all forms of cancer to gather and lean on each other.  Angie is building community through common experience and a "You Got This" attitude.  She is a little softly spoken, so you might need a little volume but the message is so worth it.

Truly an inspiration Angie invites you to her Facebook pages.  Be part of the solution!

Operation Donation Cancer Survival Kits

Angie and her CEO!  Click Here for the West Mi Warriors Chemo Support Group 

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