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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Pay it Forward Animal Outreach of Muskegon

Click to visit Pay It Forward's website
Sometimes, people find themselves in a bit of a pinch living life on life's terms.  Money for housing, food, clothes - the basics really, it can get tight at times.  Then you have to factor in the pets.

Great things happen in Muskegon every day.  We talked about the HUGE donation from Petco to the Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue.  $25,000 doesn't come in every day, but the work has to continue.

The Pay it Forward Animal Outreach of Muskegon has a mission to make caring for your pet as affordable as they can make it to maintain the health and care for pets in Muskegon.  There are a few income guidelines, but as you'll  hear from Dr. Sandi Stranberg and her staff the health of pets is truly what the Pay it Forward Animal Outreach is all about.

Shots, tests etc are all offered, but the Pay it Forward also has an animal food bank called The Black Cat Food Bank!  Yes, Muskegon is filled with enough good people that even our pets don't have to go hungry.

All the details are in my chat with Dr. Sandi!

You can see, it's more about pets than profits and Dr. Sandi and her staff invite you to come see the clinic and if you need a hand, stop in and see them off Seaway Drive.  You can also find Pay it Forward on Facebook.  Click on the photo below to connect with Pay it Forward on Facebook.

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